Welcome to our gallery, featuring pictures of walkway ideas in wood which features front yard and backyard walkways.

Walkways are probably one of the oldest human constructions. They serve one of the most basic functions for our society: helping us get from point A to point B.

In modern times, they’re mostly relegated to parks and recreational spaces, but many people still yearn for the traditional pleasures of a beautiful walking path.

Some of these are more functional than others, giving safe passage through thick foliage or undulating terrain.

Some are crafted with visual pleasure in mind, mixing textures and colours to create an arresting display. Each and every example brings nuance, detail, and sharp contrast to the yard in which it resides.

We hope you enjoy this collection of standout walkway designs and ideas made of wood as much as we have!



This curved walkway is comprised of alternating weathered wood and white pebble segments.




Lush red wood planks craft a deep walkway through this wooded area.




Thick circular wood discs define a meandering walkway through this yard.




Weathered rectangular wood slabs create walkway through this bright flower garden.




Multi-material walkway features dark treated wood slabs between red bricks sandwiching loose polished stone.




Raised wooden walkway floats through this flower-speckled yard, crossing at center.




Rounded natural wood “stool seat” pieces form this raised garden walkway.




Wood walkway appears to float above manmade pond in this yard, with large angular shelter featuring pillowed seating.




Wide, thin rectangular slabs create this walkway leading to small wood bridge.


Source: homestratosphere

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