If you are reading this right now then it means you have already made a plan to tidy up your life. Staying organized in life ensures that you make the best use of everyday and things go smoothly for you. So, here are some habits that organized people have:

1. They Maintain a To-do List

10 Habits of Organized People

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Organized people always take time to jot down things either on a notepad or inside their gadgets. They don’t believe in making mental notes and make sure they have everything on their memo written already. This ensures they accomplish things and don’t skip anything as they usually know what to do first on priority basis.

2. They Keep Clutter at Bay

10 Habits of Organized People

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A cluttered desk, room or office is a big no-no for organized people. They strongly believe in the notion that neat and tidy space improves focus and productivity.

3. They Always Make ‘Me-Time’

10 Habits of Organized People

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People who are organized know how to let go. They take out time and do activities that are beneficial to their mind and body to unwind such as exercise, reading, movies or even cooking. Taking some time off from a busy schedule even if it is only of ten minutes makes a lot of difference and refreshes the mind.

4. They Focus on One Task at a Time

10 Habits of Organized People

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People who like to stay organized always unitask. While it seems quite inspiring if someone handles many tasks at a time, the reality is doing it well.  When we multitask it means we are not focusing fully on a single task at a time resulting in lack of productivity.

5. They Follow a Routine

10 Habits of Organized People

In the world of staying organized, a routine is a must. It doesn’t mean there isn’t any flexibility allowed but some basic repetitive patterns such as wake up time, bedtime, exercise and meals need to be done around the same time each day.

6. They Have a Do-it-Now Attitude

10 Habits of Organized People

Well-organized people don’t procrastinate. The reason is that delaying tasks is like a vicious circle. It not only forms a habit but one delayed task generates another delayed task and thus the productivity falls. So, they make sure everything is done in time so that they can avoid last minute stress.

7. They Have a Space for Everything

10 Habits of Organized People

An organized person keeps everything in its place. You will see a lot of storage solutions in such a person’s home or workspace. For example, drawer dividers, baskets, caddies, file organizers and a lot more; you name it. After taking out and using a thing, they put it back in its place so that it is at the ready for next time hence saving them time and energy.

8. They Purge Often

10 Habits of Organized People

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Fewer belongings reduce clutter and make your life easier. Carting away stuff that you don’t need makes life simpler. Because life is ever changing and the things that are useful today become unnecessary tomorrow.

9. They Take Care of Their Health

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To stay organized in life you don’t have to take care of the part of managing stuff and completion of tasks only. Health also needs attention. So, people who are organized always make their health a priority. They eat clean and healthy, take proper sleep and exercise regularly.

10. They Set Reminders and Alarms

10 Habits of Organized People

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Organized people make the best use of technology and stay on track by setting reminders and alarms. Reminders prevent things from being missed.