The shabby chic decorating style and outdoor lighting ideas were introduced for the first time by Rachel Ashwell in the 80s and have since become a classic decoration. Its features are distressed materials, antique furniture, dishes, and cups made of Chinese porcelain, pastel colors and vintage chandeliers.

But the shabby chic style does not stop at the front door – it continues in outer space as a mix of English country style and vintage elements reused. So how does one design a garden shabby chic? In reality, the shabby chic garden is not at all easy to create.



1 – Wood Chandelier on Tree Branch Lighting Ideas

Hay bales have been a trend in rustic weddings from the very beginning, most likely due to the fact that they are widely available.



2 – Pendant String made with Mason Jars

Nowadays, the shabby chic look, rustic meets vintage, has become one of the most sought after wedding trends.



3 – Romantic Tree Chandelier

Just lovely. What a perfect date night option!



4 – Creative Ways To Repurpose An Old Ladder

Create a warm, eclectic look on a porch or patio by using a ladder as a frame to hang lanterns of various shapes, colors, and heights.



5 – DIY String Lighting on a Patio

Posts hanging string lights around our deck.



6 – Great Patio Lighting with String Lights



7 – Lanterns Hang from Tree Branches

Garden party at night; lanterns hang from tree branches, and rustic furniture with flowers and lace tablecloths give a charming and relaxed feel. You can also use glass bottles as pendant lights.



8 – DIY Candles Lantern with Recycled Metallic Parts



9 – Romantic Boho Wedding Lighting

Romance, is the key word of Bohemian style. For this reason, a Boho wedding has been really hot in recent years.



10 – Beautiful Candles Chandelier

Beautiful candle chandelier. Pretty gradation of lights. Would immediately be such a focal point in any room.



Source: idlights

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