If you’re one of those people who has to have the next best thing – especially when it comes to phones and tablets – this article is for you. There are hundreds of people that wait in line and camp out for the release of new models of the iPhone every couple of years. If that’s you, or you’ve received an upgrade from your cell phone provider, got a new phone as a gift, etc. here are 10 ways to use your old smartphone or tablet:

1. Sell it online.

While it may be obvious, and this is likely your first thought, it’s always good to get some money back from your device you spent good money on before.

2. Donate it to charity

If you’ve got money to burn or are just a generous soul, this is the option for you. Make somebody’s life a little easier and donate it to a friend in need or an organization.

3. Keep it as a backup

You may want to just keep it for yourself just in case – you never know when something can go wrong. Use apps like Whatsapp for free using wifi.

4. Use it to separate personal life and business

Now you can use two phones or tablets. One specifically for work, and the other for your personal life. Balance your life and reduce stress this way.

5. A GPS system for your car

Keep your old tablet or smartphone stored away in the glovebox compartment and pull it out when you’re in an unfamiliar city or town. Smartphones work as great GPS units.

6. Digital photo frame

Keep your smartphone displayed and create a slideshow of all your favorite pictures to show off inside your home.

7. Security camera

Yes, there’s an app for that. Rather than buying a security camera, just use an old smartphone and download one of the several security camera apps.

8. Alarm clock

Need an alarm clock and don’t want to waste your functioning cell phone’s battery? Use your backup smartphone or tablet instead to wake you up bright and early.

9. TV remote

Program your old device to act as a remote for the TV.

10. Portable MP3 player

Ditch your regular CD’s and use a USB plug in method to take your tunes with you on the go instead!

With so many great uses for your smartphone it may be hard to choose which method to use. At least you are making great use of it rather than throwing it away.

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