The colours you choose to decorate the rooms in your home can reflect on your personality. Room colour has a direct effect on our mood and this is why it is always advisable to plan and choose the colour scheme wisely, keeping in mind its long-term effects. For example, if you are planning a bedroom that will keep you relaxed after a long day at work then think of a light blue colour. If you want a cheerful dining room that increases the appetite then decorate with accents of red or orange. Following are the effects of colours and their usage in different parts of a home:

1. Red

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Red symbolizes energy and activity. It has dual properties. It is both the colour of love and aggression. When used in a dining room it can stimulate appetite. It is better to avoid the use of red in a bedroom where it can become too loud and overpowering. You can balance red with white or neutrals.

2. Blue

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

Blue is a designers’ favourite because it has a serene effect. The lighter tones of blue, such as powder blue are suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. For a living room, kitchen and dining room, choose more lively or deeper versions of blue such as turquoise or sapphire.

3. Yellow

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Yellow is the colour of sunshine which means it is full of vitality, happiness and warmth. Though a cheerful tone, it is advisable not to do overuse yellow because it can also cause unrest.

4. Green

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Green is the color of tranquility and peace. It lowers blood pressure and regulates the heart rate. Since it is made with blue and yellow, it has the restful properties of blue and the energy of yellow. Green is a safe choice to use in every room of your home. Though, use greens such as chartreuse and seaweed in moderation.

5. Orange

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

When you want to evoke enthusiasm in any room of your home then think of orange. It is a color used to draw attention. It is great to use in an exercise room. The best use of orange in other rooms is as accents.

6. Purple

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Purple brings a luxury feel to rooms. Its lighter shades such a lavender or lilac bring peace to a space. Richer shades of purple such as plum or eggplant have a more dramatic feel.

7. Black

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Black is mysterious and associated with power. Use black to punctuate a room and avoid too much use of it.

8. Brown

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Brown suggests the feeling of warmth and security. It is the colour of nature and can create the feeling of life and growth. But some people find it boring so it is not a popular colour choice for home decor.

9. White

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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White symbolizes freshness, safety, purity and innocence. It also reflects natural light thus making a room look bright and airy. Be careful though as an all-white look can create a cold and sterile ambience if overused or without attention to design detail and texture.

10. Neutrals

Effects of Colors in Home Decor

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Neutral colours as the name suggests are neither cold nor warm and it is for this reason that they are the safest palette of colours you can use in your home decor, and its use is still very popular in both modern and classical settings.