Earth Day has been held annually on April 22 since its inception in 1970.

For some, it’s a reminder that they should be better at recycling and turning off the lights when they leave a room. For others, it’s an incentive to make big changes in their life in order to benefit the planet.

For us is also a celebration of our planet’s most spectacular natural landscapes!

Mother Nature’s finest hour!



The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona-Utah, USA

© Koji Hirano/123RF



Svalbard, Arctic Circle, Norway

© Witold Kaszkin/123RF



The Himalayas, Nepal

© Dnaiel Prudek/123RF



The Amazon Rainforest, South America

© ammit/123RF



Patagonia, Chile-Argentina

© Dmitry Pichugin/123RF



Glen Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

© Josemaria Toscano/123RF



Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland, UK

© Aitor Muñoz Muñoz/123RF



Arches National Park, Utah, USA

© Josemaria Toscano/123RF



Canadian Rockies, British Columbia-Alberta, Canada

© James Wheeler/123RF



Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK

© Martin Molcan/123RF



Atacama Desert, Chile

© Jesse Kraft/123RF



Moeraki Boulders, Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

© Dmitry Pichugin/123RF



The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia

© annmie/123RF



Etretat, Normandy, France

© Outcast85/123RF



Norwegian fjords, Western Norway

© Lukasz Janyst/123RF



Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

© rognar/123RF



Abraham Lake, Alberta, Canada

© pictureguy66/123RF



Strokkur, Geysir Hot Spring Area, Iceland

© Robert Hoetink/123RF



Chocolate Hills, Bohol Province, Philippines

© Olga Khoroshunova/123RF



Ice caves, Skaftafell, Iceland

© Anna Om/123RF

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