The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and a lot colder!
Believe it or not, you CAN grow all twelve of these plants indoors this winter!

Indoor growing is not just appealing to those who may live in section of the world that is too cold to garden outdoors, it has lots of benefits to those who want to grow healthier plants year round.

And did you know that Arugula tends to taste better when grown indoors?


1. Beans

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Grow Bush Beans indoors this winter for a maximum harvest! Bush Beans are one of the favorites to grow indoors because they don’t need a bean pole to support adequate growth. As with most of the veggies on this list, make sure they get plenty of light!



2. Tomatoes

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They will need a TON of sun, and it’s best to start the seeds first, before transplanting them to a large growing pot. Transplant the seedling when they each have five true leaves!



3. Spinach

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Spinach loves areas of partial shade! To recreate these growing conditions in your own home, grow it in a window that gets at least 3-4 hours of sunlight every day. Spinach can “boil” in areas of high heat, so keep it in a cooler area!



4. Bell Peppers

12 Plants You Can Grow Indoors This Winter2

Bell peppers need well-draining, rich soil to provide massive amounts of fruit! If you want a full harvest, pinch the tips of the flowers the first time they blossom!



5. Kale

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You can grow Kale outside during the winter, it’s super cold hardy! But if you live in an area that gets a snow, your plants could potentially be killed! If you’re expecting a hard frost, bring your Kale inside and plant it in an area where it will get 3-4 hours of sunlight every day.



6. Radishes

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25 days is all the grow time you need for radishes! Start the seeds in a seedling tray, and transplant your veggies as 2-3 true leaves sprout up. You can also use the micro greens in a salad!



7. Arugula

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Did you know that Arugula tends to taste better when grown indoors? Who would have thought! Find a cool, sunny spot to grow this plant indoors! The more you harvest the plant, the faster it grows!



8. Swiss Chard


Swiss Chard will need at least four hours of direct sunlight everyday to stay (and grow!) healthy. Harvest the rainbow colored stalks regularly to promote additional growth.



9. Scallions

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Scallions are one of my FAVORITE things to add in my Thanksgiving dinner. Scallions are a member of the onion family, so it’s growth cycle tends to be a bit longer. Plant your scallions in wide, deep pots because onions are a root vegetable!



10. Chives

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Did you grow chives outdoors this summer? Divide some off, place in a pot of well draining soil, and bring them inside for the winter! Over the course of the winter, you will notice your chive plants growing thicker and bushier!



11. Oregano

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Oregano is a great addition to virtually any dish! Place in a sunny windowsill, and pinch the sprouts off often for rapid growth.



12. Mint

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Mint is often considered invasive when grown outdoors, which makes mint the perfect herb for container gardening! Mint likes areas of shade, so keep it in an area that only gets 3-4 hours of sunlight everyday. Make sure your mint is grown in moist, rich soil!



Source :beesandroses

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