Bathrooms are a significant part of any home. Today, the bathroom is part of the decoration of the house that we cannot ignore as it indicates and reflects the cleanliness of the people living in the house. Homes contain one or more bathroom including a private bathroom for guests, sometimes a private bathroom for the main bedroom, and a master bathroom for the house. Each one has its own space, design, and features. Various bathroom designs and colors reflect luxury and modernity or convey a classic touch.

To make an elegant bathroom, you have to choose high-quality materials that suit the style and decors you want. This way your bathroom will appear neat and in harmony. You should also pay attention to the bathroom accessories such as toothbrushes cup, and towel holder. Even the waste bin should have a look and elegant colors, and the mirror to be simple with an elegant design that suits the rest of the decoration. The bathtub is a main piece in the bathroom, so choose it well according to the space you have. Bathtubs are of many designs such as the ring, square, and rectangle. The toilet must be of a top-quality material. And all these part must be in the balance. Now, we present you ten stellar design ideas for master bathrooms.


Marble Bathrooms

luxurious-marble-bathroom-675x506 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Marble-bathroom-675x453 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

The marble is a perfect combination of natural and elegant. Marbles colors reflect luxury and beauty. Choose marble for a distinguished bathroom. Marble bathroom designs convey luxurious looks. Employ marble on the walls and floor. You could also use it on the wall behind the bathtub for a stylish look.




bathroom-with-wallpapers-675x901 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Another decoration idea that could rock your bathroom is wallpapers. They are available in various beautiful designs, and there are many techniques to employ wallpapers. The modern types of wallpaper are specially designed to suit bathrooms; they are resistant to water, heat. This way they combine elegance alongside practicality. Today wallpapers come in terrific 3D designs. Wallpapers with classic patterns are no less beautiful. It all depends on the style you want. Classic bathrooms are preferred by many who go for old-design wallpapers. This wallpaper, for example, is calm, combining beige and gold in a consonant. The aesthetic elements of the classic wallpaper decor were complemented with golden accessories and a wonderful classical sink; the mirror and lighting are in perfect harmony with the classic design.



Modern Designs

modern-bathroom-design-2-675x805 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Modern bathroom designs are unique, beautiful, and simple. In this one, for example, The toilet and the sink are quite simple. The walls and floors colours are a mix of grey and white. As you can see in the above image, the tiles have been given a look as though they represent wooden flooring done by the finest in business like the GettysburgHardwoodFlooringGroup. The harmonious colors were magnificently enhanced with shiny stainless steel accessories. Beautiful and elegant shades of light grey are distributed nicely. The white bathtub, toilet, and sink are practically designed to save space. The soft lighting adds beauty and brightness to the grey parts.



Colorful Bathrooms

colorful-bathroom-FredmanDesignGroup-675x823 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

colorful-modern-bathroom-675x507 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

If you want to add some fun and joy to your bathroom, colorful paints and bathroom accessories can create an atmosphere of happiness. As we mentioned, the choice of colors plays an essential role in the psychological state of people; colors affect the mood and stimulate a different psychological state. Colors that provide relaxation are perfect for bathrooms. So, think outside the box and try new colors that relieve you.



The Rural Style

rural-bathroom-design-2-675x770 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

rural-bathroom-design-675x1011 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018 The rural style is very distinctive and beloved by many people that it has become one of the most popular contemporary decorations nowadays. It conveys a sense of elegance, calmness, difference, and luxury. Plus, rural decorations can be done at a low cost. You would, no doubt, feel relaxed at a rural designed bathroom as for its simplicity.



Luxury Designs

Marble-bathroom-Recessed-Lighting-675x449 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

luxurious-bathroom-design-675x448 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Luxurious bathrooms have common features such as the large spaces, Glossy ceramic for the walls and floors. In this design, the dark brown ceramic of the walls fits the hazel color of the floor perfectly.



Classic Arabian Style

classic-Arabian-bathroom-design-675x449 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

classic-Arabian-bathroom-design-2-675x562 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

The classical Arabian designs have a unique spirit; the distinctive and wonderful decorations carry the art and architecture of the dazzling Arab heritage. Arabian and Moroccan bathrooms are exquisite and luxurious. The style includes many designs such as Arabesque, mosaic, marble, ancient Arabic architectural inscriptions with brass accessories, glittering gold. The most distinct colors in the original Arabic art is the blue pallet in its degrees, brown, gold, and beige. This trend is awesome and unique.



Black Bathrooms

black-bathroom-675x498 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

The black bathroom has its own taste and uniqueness. Its various designs are enchanting. Black gives the bathroom a luxurious touch. If you are trying to avoid the traditional colors, consider this unrivaled color.



Decorative Stone Bricks

bathroom-decorative-stone-bricks-2-675x1014 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

bathroom-decorative-stone-bricks-3 Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Using of stone bricks in decoration is a sophisticated trend inspired by the ancient Roman temples. Stone bricks decors convey excellence and unconventionality.



Classic Decors

classic-bathroom-design Top 10 Master Bathrooms Design Ideas for 2018

Too many people are fond of the classic designs. However some may view it as a traditional and old-fashioned style, classic decors have always maintained their position in the realm of home interior design. This bathroom design comprises neutral colors, grey and white, contrasted by dark violet and the silver accessories complement the final look, employed in the bathtub and sink. The warm lighting and shades it creates on the walls have a surreal effect.



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