Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a man-made product created from wood bits, which is pressed and bound together by adhesive resin and glue. This humble stuff is mostly used as a substrate during construction projects, leaving other materials to bask in the spotlight. Some prefer prettier plywood, but others have managed to use it as a visible, finish material that is modern and beautiful.

Although OSB is stronger and denser than plywood, it is also more flexible.

Also OSB is more affordable than other regular hardwoods used for building, and even plywood. This makes it a great choice for experimental DIY projects.

Is it for you? If you have worked with OSB before, we will be very pleased if you send us some pictures


#kensla exposition:


Image of Study Blue Steel Desk with OSB Table Top:

Home Inspiration: MAY I?:

OSB: material charmoso e barato para revestir os móveis:

Beech and OSB Sofa-Cecile Guignard:

Beech and OSB Sofa-Cecile Guignard / dropanchors.tumblr.com


DM2 Housing, Porto, 2014:

Osb Table by PapercutsbyAlex on Etsy, €499.00:

Osb Table by PapercutsbyAlex on Etsy


Stunning. Picture of REVOLVE // A hardware-less coffee table- just slots together?! impressive for chipboard to look good:

A hardware-less coffee table by Nesserz / Instructables


TAOA Studio / Tao Lei Architecture Studio:

TAOA Studio / Tao Lei Architecture Studio


Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA:

Shumis pizzeria by Studio OPA


extended ochre barn media room OSB walls furniture and flooring:

Extended ochre barn media room OSB walls furniture and flooring


I'm thinking about building some new #furniture. This OSD concept is a stunning inspiration, although I usually dislike OSD: ochre barn bedroom customized OSB furniture:

osb в интерьере - Поиск в Google:

#1 lamp by Federica Bubani:

Lamp by Federica Bubani









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