Green roofs not only look beautiful, but are incredibly functional and can provide some amazing benefits for your house. And no – we’re not talking about a plain, roof that’s colored green, but rather a roof that is living and breathing full of beautiful green plants. There are thousands of reason to install a green roof onto your house – whether you want to increase the heating and cooling capacity of your home, help combat climate change, or simply just love the look of having green plants on top of your house.

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Why Should I Get a Green Roof?

The benefits are limitless – green roofs are becoming more and more common and rising in popularity due to the aesthetic quality they bring and create in the environment, as well as the cost saving elements and environmentally restorative elements they bring to the table (or in this case, the roof).


  • Improves the Aesthetic Design: It’s a fact that as human beings, we love being surrounded by nature and when we are in the presence of natural plants and vegetation it is more appealing and puts us at ease
  • Reducing Waste and Conserving Energy: One of the greatest things about green roofs is that they conserve energy and reduce the waste, For example, green roofs stabilize heat, reducing winter and summer heat and cooling, and filter out rainwater.
  • Manage Rainwater and Purify It: This is one of the best things about green roofs – rather than a typical gutter system that leads mukky rainwater to a drain, green roofs filter it out themselves.
  • Moderate the “Urban Heat Island” Effect in Urban Landscapes: If you live in an urban environment, then this is the perfect solution for you. Urban cities and suburbs tend to absorb the heat and create a heat barrier – you can combat this by installing a green roof.
  • Improve Air Quality: Green roofs don’t just benefits the air around you personally but also contribute to the greater good of the environment. As we know, plants purify the air by absorbing potentially hazardous particles and using carbon dioxide – in turn, they produce healthy oxygen for us all to breathe.
  • Acts as a Fire Retardant: Fires must burn through water in something before they set it on fire. Green roofs are full of water, making it great at deterring fires.
  • Noise Reduction: Having layers of dirt and vegetation really quiet things down in your home.

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The benefits are endless – if you have a small home, it would be incredible to add a green roof right on top of your house. They will help eliminate waste that benefits the planet as a whole, as well as your bank account!

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Here we are presenting you with a small collections of Amazing Green Roofs for Small Houses. Hope this will inspire you!!

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This roof is just extension of the living areas of the house, with large outdoor spaces, perfect for relaxing and entertaining.:

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