Now you can finally cool down from the hot summer sun and enjoy a different side of Mother Nature. Whether fall is your absolute favorite season already, or you need some help finding out what’s so great about it, these photos and destinations are sure to inspire you. Who knows – you may even buy a plane ticket to view one or more of these places in person after you checkout this gallery:

1. Virginia, United States of America

Literally, the entire state of Virginia in the Upper East Side of the country of the United States is enshrouded in bright red, orange, and yellow foliage. WIth several maple trees being native to the land there, this place sure is a beautiful spot to be during the fall months.

2. Oktoberfest, Germany

Not so much a particular location as it is about the cultural celebration. Come to the Bavaria of germany and drink all the beer you think you can possibly stomach, which partaking in old time German activities.

3. The Entire Nation of Switzerland

Seriously… this country is incredibly beautiful anytime you visit it, but particularly in the fall. Just be sure to bring a jacket or two as it is know to get pretty cold in Switzerland. By the snowcapped mountains and various colored trees make it worth the frigid temperatures.

4. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland has definitely earned a spot on the list. Fall is a great time to visit this little-big city in the heart of Ireland. Converse with friendly locals, and take in the beautiful green scenery that’s neither too cold or too warm.

5. New England, United States of America

The entire north eastern part of the Unite States is absolutely stunning during the fall months, and is world renown for the various leaves that begin to change colors and “fall” away during the autumn months. Jump through piles of leaves and walk through incredibly bright forests here.

6. Vail, Colorado

Colorado is beautiful year round, but particularly in the fall. CHeck out the amazing bright colors of the forest, with snow lined mountains in the background and geographic features that can’t be found anywhere else.

7. Hood River, Oregon

Come to this little sleepy town to relax during autumn months. If you want a slower time of life for yourself and just to take things day by day, this oceanside place is the location for you.

8. Avalon, California

Avalon, California is a great harborside town for anybody who loves autumn, but doesn’t like when the temperature gets too cold. It stays reasonably warm here in the fall, so you won’t have to be shivering with cold while getting a beautiful view.

9. Kyoto, Japan

Everything about Japan is memorizing, especially in the fall. The natural elegance of the monasteries and ancient Japanese buildings is amplified by the fiery red maples surrounding them.

10. Douro Valley, Portugal

Come to Douro Valley, Portugal not only for the beautiful location along the coast, with temperatures that aren’t too frigid, but also to experience the magic of this small town culture, where wine is still made by squishing grapes with your feet to this day.

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