Easter has almost arrived and as is traditional many homes will have dyed Easter eggs on display. So, we thought of bringing you some ideas for dying your eggs so that you can collect the supplies and get going. Here are some Easter egg painting ideas for you:

1. Embellish Red Dyed Eggs with Crystals

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: theglobalvilla , pinterest
The technique is pretty easy and almost everyone can make these. First, you have to dye all the eggs red and then use crystal stickers for making crosses or other patterns on the eggs.

2. Use Onion Skins as an Organic Dye

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: Ani5972’s DIY Channel
Did you know onion skins are great to dye your Easter eggs? You just have to boil eggs with onion skins till the time you get the desired colour on them. You can also use any sheer fabric to tie leaves to the eggs so that they get dyed with patterns.

3. Dye Eggs with Floral and Leafy Patterns

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: glyons
Collect some small leaves and flowers according to the size of the eggs. Tie them using a mesh cloth to the eggs and then soak the eggs in water containing different dyes. Once the eggs have absorbed the colour remove the leaves and flowers and cherish the lovely creations you just made.

4. Hand Painted Easter Eggs

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: bdtonline
If you have steady hands when it comes to painting then after dying your eggs you can also paint different patterns on them to beautify them even more.

5. Polka Dot Easter Eggs

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: marthastewart , digsdigs
Let’s say you want to paint your eggs but you aren’t skilled enough to make intricate patterns then worry not. You can paint white polka dots on the dyed eggs or you can also paint red polka dots on simple eggs. If you want you can try other colours too.

6. Wax Painted Eggs

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: Mia Cherry , etsy
Another very popular technique to make patterns on dyed eggs is with wax. Alternatively, you can also use glass paint leading in white colour for this purpose. The look will be exactly the same.

7. Dye Marbled Eggs with Embroidery Floss

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: syntagesapospiti
Cut pieces of embroidery floss in assorted colours and then wrap them around eggs using aluminum foil. Then boil them till the eggs get a nice marble effect.

8. Dye Eggs Using Patterned Dying Sleeves

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: jaxtz
These patterned sleeves are known as turbo sleeves that you can find in any Greek Easter supplies shop. They are easy to use and the results are stunning with almost no effort.

9. Make a Combination of Modern Easter Eggs

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: lilyardor
You can also create eggs with a modern take. Use sharpie marker, glass paint leading, tissue paper and gilding leaf for making a set of eggs that will surely grab a lot of attention.

10. Dye Eggs with Rice

greek orthodox easter eggs
Image via: craftymorning , 5starcookies
Fill small cups or ziploc bags with rice and add a few drops of dye to each. Coat the eggs in coloured rice and then take them out to fill a basket.