Laundry day is a nightmare for many of us. But sometimes we don’t realise that the task of washing and drying gets difficult if the laundry room isn’t designed cleverly. Lack of storage can cause a lot of trouble so if you keep all the things organised your washing day will be a lot more easier and convenient. So, here are some clever laundry room storage ideas:

1. Add Shelves and a Countertop Above The Washer and The Dryer

laundry room storage ideas
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Shelves above the machines can make sure all the cleaning supplies are within arm’s reach. The countertop can switch between a folding station and an ironing surface. You just have to spread a thick sheet on the countertop and use it as an alternative to an ironing board.

2. Build a Pedestal

laundry room storage ideas
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When space is limited the best strategy is always to think of vertical space utilisation. You can do that by building a storage pedestal from wood and perch the appliances on top of it.

3. Claim The Space Behind The Door

laundry room storage ideas
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If you have run out of space, think of utilizing the space at the back of your laundry room door.

4. Fit Narrow Pull-Out Racks

laundry room storage ideas
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Narrow and tall pull-out racks are great space savers. You can even use them to store the ironing board. A rack with rods can also be used to dry clothes inside the laundry station.

5. Tuck in a Small Pull-Out Rack Between The Washer and The Dryer

laundry room storage ideas
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Sometimes there is a space between the washer and the dryer which goes ignored. You can install a narrow rack and store the laundry supplies you need frequently.

6. Use a Ladder as a Drying Rack

laundry room storage ideas
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The easiest way to make a DIY drying rack for your laundry room is by hanging a ladder. You can also fix it directly to the wall. To turn it into a functional drying rack attach some hooks and pegs.

7. Make a Sorter with Plastic Baskets

laundry room storage ideas
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This one is a cheap solution for a laundry room clothes sorting station. You just have to build a wooden frame and slide labelled plastic baskets inside it.

8. Create a Multipurpose Storage Station with a Pegboard

laundry room storage ideas
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A pegboard can offer storage for a cornucopia of things. From small items such as brushes to bigger things like an ironing board, and everything in between, a pegboard can store all.

9. Install a Shelf Under The Cabinets

laundry room storage ideas
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If your laundry room already has cabinets but very cramped then you can install an extra shelf underneath the cabinets and give a boost to the storage space.

10. Store The Detergent Pods and Powder in Airtight Glass Jars

laundry room storage ideas
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Every time you have to wash clothes, you don’t have to reach a far cabinet in your home to find the box of detergent pods. You can always keep them at the ready inside a glass jar.