Sometimes when wallpapering a room, we are left with scraps and pieces that are too pretty to throw away. So, to save your wallpaper leftovers from going to waste and re purpose them. Here are some creative ideas:


1. Give a Makeover to a Bookcase

Things to do With Wallpaper

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If you have a bookcase that looks dull and boring then pull apart its back and cover it in wallpaper. This will bring a whole new life to the bookcase.

2. Reface a Dresser

Things to do With Wallpaper

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If your home has an old dresser that needs a makeover then you can do that with wallpaper pieces. There are two ways in which you can do that. Either apply the wallpaper to the front of drawers or pack a surprise with wallpapered drawer sides.

3. Make a Wallpapered Tray

Things to do With Wallpaper

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Take any simple wooden or mirrored tray. Cut a piece of wallpaper and decoupage it on the tray for making a one of a kind tray.

4. Decoupage Terracotta Planters

Things to do With Wallpaper

Image via: tenhoalmavintage

If you want to have plant pots in your garden that are stunning then grab a bottle of glue and attach wallpaper pieces onto the pots.


5. Craft Wallpapered Picture Frames

things to do with wallpaper

Image via: lauraashley

Finding the picture frames that we like is sometimes difficult. Often they are so boring that we drop the idea altogether. But you can purchase a few cheap plain picture frames and customize them using wallpaper scraps.


6. Transform a Bin

things to do with wallpaper

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You can change the look of an ordinary and boring bin in no time by pasting some wallpaper around it. The result is impressive as you can see.


7 Frame The Wallpaper and Use It as a Wall Art

things to do with wallpaper

Image via: runtoradiance , benishop

The easiest way to use a leftover piece of wallpaper is to frame it and display it on a blank wall as wall art.


8. Make Bunting

things to do with wallpaper

Image via: madeliefje 

Grab a pair of scissors and gather all the wallpaper leftovers. Cut scalloped triangles by drawing shapes on wallpaper scraps. Then make a bunting of the triangles using ribbon.

Then make bunting with the triangles using ribbon.


9. Make Coasters for Your Dining Table

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Coasters are life savers when it comes to protecting your dining table from marks and stains. You can make some really beautiful coasters by gluing wallpaper pieces over small tiles.

10. Give a Makeover to a Lampshade

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Tired of looking at your old lamp? If yes then make it interesting by wrapping its outer side or inner side with wallpaper.