Decorating with mason jars became so much popular that companies have started replicating ‘vintage’ mason jars. If you haven’t created anything yet with mason jars for your home then you are missing out on something that can be amazing. So, here are some DIY mason jar projects you might want to try:

1. Mason Jar Luminaries

diy mason jar projects

To make these luminaries you will need mason jars, craft store gems, LED lights and a hot glue gun. Start gluing the gems to the jars in rows one by one and then throw in an LED light in each.

Image via: momspark

2. A Pencil Holder

diy mason jar projects

A pencil holder like this will make a great teacher’s day gift or a desk organiser. To make it first you have to pour glue inside a mason jar and move the jar in a swirling pattern to coat its inner surface fully. Pour out the extra glue and then put glitter dust inside, repeat the same swirling process and take out any excess glitter. Paint the lid too and when the jar is dry, use it as a container for pencils.

Image via: apumpkinandaprincess

3. An Air Freshener

diy mason jar projects

You don’t need to purchase chemical filled commercial air fresheners when you can make your own at home. You just have to fill a mason jar till half with baking soda and put a few drops of any essential oil. Then wrap the opening of the jar with a piece of fabric and screw the lid on top of it.

Image via: doterra

4. A Picture Frame

diy mason jar projects

To make this first you have to paste a stencil on the jar where the picture will be pasted later on. Paint the jar and once dry remove the stencil. Then print the picture you want to display in the size of the stencil and tape it to the inner side of the jar. Throw in a few artificial flowers and you are done.

Image via: alittlecraftinyourday

5. A Tissue Holder

diy mason jar projects

To create this paint a tall wide mouth mason jar. Then trace the size of the lid on a piece of cardboard and leather. Make a ring of the cardboard disc and a cross shaped cut in the leather circle. Glue both to the lid of the mason jar. Put the roll of Kleenex or any other tissue according to the size of the mason jar.

Image via: mixedkreations

6. Scented Candles

diy mason jar projects

If you like to make candles then fix wicks in mason jars and pour essential oil scented wax.

Image via: walmart , consciouscrafties

7. Mason Jar Terrariums

diy mason jar projects

If you want to include hints of nature in your home’s interior then you can make one or more terrariums using mason jars as their containers.

Image via: ohmycreative

8. A Cupcake Liner Holder

diy mason jar projects

Sometimes we buy a lot of cupcake liners and once opened they keep tumbling here and there. So, to store all the sizes at one place you can use a mason jar.

Image via: tablefortwoblog

9. Mason Jar Lamp Posts

diy mason jar projects

Make your own lighting fixtures with mason jars. You can also make something similar for outdoor use as well and even try replacing the bulbs with solar lights inside the jars.

Image via: n3rdbomber

10. A Bathroom Organiser

diy mason jar projects

You can make an organiser for your bathroom by fixing mason jars on a piece of wood using hose clamps.

Image via: thediyplaybook