Pallet decor has been seen around the corridors of the blog world for quite some time now. You can also give this discarded wood a second life by making use of it in the living room. You can create things from old shipping pallets such as a coffee table, wall art, shelves and so much more. Here are some projects you can make from salvaged pallets:

1. Blend in The TV Screen with a Pallet Stand

To minimize the impact of the black rectangle, you can build a pallet stand for it that can hide the cables too.

2. Bring Function to the Sofa Arm

Image credit: pinterest

A tiny table that wraps the sofa arm will save the splashes and spills that often happen when you have a mug in one hand and a magazine in the other.

3. Use That Sliver of Space Behind the Couch

Image credit: somethingisdone

Carve out some storage space behind the couch with a skinny behind-the-sofa console table.

4. Get People Talking with a Pallet Coffee Table

Image credit: farmhousepallets

If you want to bring coziness to the most used room of your home with rustic style then build a coffee table from reclaimed pallet wood.

5. Design an Accent Wall

Image credit: shadesofblueinteriors

A wall is like a canvas that you can fill with your imagination and creativity. So give the focal wall of your living room appealing warmth and depth with pallet wood.

6. Dare to be Different with a Pallet Couch

Image credit: myamazingthings

Finding the right couch according to your living room dimensions isn’t always easy. And then it also demands shelling out euros. So, why not consider this low cost option?

7. Build a Blanket Ladder

Image credit: farmhousemade

Snuggly warm blankets and hot chocolate is a perfect autumn combination. Keep your blankets within easy reach with a ladder.

8. Design a Backdrop for Your Photos

Image credit: jennakateathome

Add vitality to a blank wall with photos that are displayed on backdrops made with pallet wood.

9. Give The Wall Some Personality

Image credit: pinterest , shanty2chic

Wall art created from reclaimed wood will be great to dress up your blank walls.

10. Gain More Storage with Shelves

Image credit: courbeneluxhof

Boosting living room storage is easy when you can make shelves for almost free. You can store your books and display decorative objects. Some of you might have collections of things such as DVDs and you can store them all in our living room with such shelves.