Making changes in any room is always a good idea. Even nicer, is the look on your kids face when you make a project that can add cheer to their own bedrooms. So we put together a collection of ideas that are easy to DIY. You will surely love to give them a try. Here they are:

1. Branch Swing Shelves for Stuffed Animals

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: gardentherapy

Chop a few thick branches to the desired length and drill holes at the ends of each branch. Knot pieces of rope and pass each through the holes and create swings for stuffed animals.

2. A Wall Makeover with Polka Dot Wall Decals

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: thefancyshack

If you need a wall makeover that you can do in just 15 minutes then get a pack of polka dot decals and fill a blank wall with them.

3. A Gallery Wall of Colourful Picture Frames

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: projectnursery

Collect some picture frames in matching or contrasting colours that look good together and then assemble them into a gallery wall.

4. A String of Lights Made with Paper

Image via: munchkintime

Cut strips of coloured construction paper and roll and fold them into lights like these.

5. No-Sew Bunting Flags

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: projectnursery

To make a bunting in a quick way simply cut triangles of printed scrapbook paper and then make a bunting by hot gluing the triangles to a pom pom trim.

6. Easy Kids Art Display with Dowels and Curtain Clips

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Kids make artwork at school and cherish their creations. To encourage the little artists you can display their artwork on a wall. With wooden dowels, command hooks and curtain clips you can make an art corner in their room.

7. Neon Animal Nursery Wall Hooks

Image via: sayyes

Thinking of adding coat hooks in your kids room for hanging outfit of the day for every coming day? If yes then make some hooks with spray painted plastic animals glued to a wood board.

8. DIY Toy Storage Crates

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: abubblylife

Purchase wooden crates from any store and paint them in any colour you like. Then detail them further by making eyes and smiles.

9. A No-Sew Rainbow Wall Hanging

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Image via: imaginegnats

Cut strips of rainbow fabrics and then start knotting them to a wooden dowel. Then hang this wall art using a leather cord.

10. Picture Ledge Bookshelves

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Organize the books in your kids room with picture ledges. Its a great way to showcase the titles and gives them something to look at when choosing the next bedtime story.