It is Carnival week in Limassol. To make this year’s carnival memorable and the best one your kids have ever had, plan something different with these DIY costumes for them. There are so many creative and easy ways to whip up outfits for kids. We have put together some ideas to light up your imagination and creativity. Here they are:

1. A Hot Air Balloon Outfit

diy kids costumes

Image via: coolesthomemade

To create this costume you will need a cardboard box and some helium balloons. If you replace the cardboard box with a cardboard house you can also create a Disney UP movie inspired costume.

2. A Jellyfish Costume

diy kids costumes

Image via: meilleureimage

Creating a jellyfish costume is quick and easy. You just have to dress your kid in white and embellish a transparent umbrella with pink or any pastel coloured ribbons. Also make the eyes of the jellyfish with paper.

3. A Scuba Diver Costume Idea

diy kids costumes

Here is another easy costume idea. Paint 2 litre bottles of soda in any colour and detail them with electric tapes. Make their slings with a rope. Create diving gear by cutting curling rollers and group them together with electric tape. Finish the costume with black shirt and pants, swimming goggles and a snorkel.

4. A Flamingo Costume

diy kids costumes

Image via: shlomitofir

For creating a flamingo outfit you will need just a peach shirt with peach leggings. Along these you have to get a coral tutu and a flamingo headband.

5. A Rainy Cloud

diy kids costumes

Image via: makeitloveit

This is a super fun idea. First, you have to glue polyester batting to a cheap wide brim hat. Then make rain droplets with turquoise felt and matching colour yarn. Attach the droplets to the cloud hat. Dress your kid in black with yellow rain boots and voila!

6. A Colourful Piñata Costume Idea

diy kids costumes

Making a rainbow piñata costume is easy though it looks like a lot of effort. All you need to do is to cut fringe trims of felt sheets in rainbow colours and glue them to the shirt and pants of your kiddo. And to make the hat simply make cardboard cones and glue them to a cap and cover that too in felt fringes.

7. A Flailing Tube Man

diy kids costumes

Image via: diynetwork

This one takes the costume game to a whole new level. You can make a funny flailing tube man using a kids fabric tube and make its eyes and mouth with construction paper. To make the sleeves cut and sew a part of the same fabric tunnel.

8. A Crazy Cat Lady Outfit Idea

diy kids costumes

Image via: pinterest

This idea is sure to bring smiles to many faces. You just have to sew cat cuddly toys to a bathroom robe to make these crazy cat lady costumes.

9. A Bag of Jelly Beans Costume Idea

diy kids costumes

Image via: welke , hercampus

You can make a bag of jelly beans using a large plastic bag and water balloons.

10. A String-of-Pearls Plant Costume

diy kids costumes

Image via: instagram

If you are aware of felting technique then make balls of green felt and create garlands. Then hot glue all the strings to the clothes and cap of your kid to make a succulent plant.