It may seem to difficult to fit eco friendly products into your life and shifting to the “green” style of living, but you may already have environmentally friendly products already within your household and be doing things that actually benefit the planet without even knowing it. Instead of going through the hassle to go to the store and buy new products that are always coming out, it’s better to stick to these products at home and methods that you may not know are eco friendly:


Skipping Meat (Meatless Monday)


Join the international trend and go meatless on Mondays (or all the other days of the week!) in order to conserve water and energy that is consumed by livestock and poultry. Yes, it may be hard to do… but there are some great non-meat options out there that are delicious and packed with protein (beans, nuts, seeds, yogurt, etc.).

Fun Fact: 7000 Liters are needed to produce 500 grams of beef, while in comparison just 148 liters are needed to produce 500 grams of vegetables. Wow!





Using Cups and Glasses for Water Instead of a Plastic Water Bottle2

If you are buying bottled water, not only is it a waste of plastic, but many studies also suggest the water is no more pure than what you get out of the tap. Plus, the plastic particles, BPA, etc. May leech into the water. So if you are already drinking from the tap and drinking out of reusable cups, good job! If you are worried about toxins, metals, fluoride, etc. In tap water, simply add a filter and enjoy a fresh glass of H20 in your reusable glass!




Unplugging Electronics That Aren’t in Use

You may think things are fine if you just leave your phone charger and laptop, or any other electronic devices plugged into the wall. Think again! These actually seep electricity out of the wall, which goes unused when not connected to an electronic device. Simply unplug when you’re not using your charger or other electronics to be a little more eco friendly.



Use Your Own Reusable Shopping Bagsword-image

Plastic, plastic, plastic. If you go to the grocery store and bag everything up, imagine how much plastic you could save per year by simply taking your own reusable grocery bags and totes to the store with you.







Public Transportation


Cars may be nice to have out of convenience, but with all the gas they guzzle up, you’re better off trying to take public transport as much as possible, or by commuting in other environmentally friendly means (e.g. biking or walking).





Live nearby some friends who work at the same mall, commercial center, or office building as you? Perfect! Buddy up and split the ride with each other. Again, the key to living an eco friendly lifestyle is reducing as much energy usage as possible. This benefits the environment and can save you hundreds of money on gas.


Drying Rack


While many energy efficient household appliances do exist on the market. There is nothing better than using the power of Mother Nature. Use an outdoor clothesline or drying rack and let your clothes dry in the sun rather than using electricity unnecessarily by spinning and heating them.


Rechargeable Batteries

Another important factor in leading a green, eco friendly life is ensuring you get the maximum usage out of your products. Instead of using standard batteries, if you are using rechargeable ones, these can be used over and over again saving the earth and your wallet.

Buying Local Produce

Buying in-season items that are fresh from the farmer’s market or a local grocery store can reduce your footprint and alleviate the effects of global warming. Imagine how many kilometers would be saved if we simply ate what was available to us nearby in our climate.