Glamping: the hottest trend to hit the camping world. This is great for those who want to get outside, without sacrificing on the modern essentials. Glamping is camping on steroids, essentially. Basically, you get a designer tent with amenities so it feels like you have your own private hotel room in the middle of the woods, beach, or any other camping site. Why would you glamp? Check out these ten reasons:

1.Not the “Outdoorsy Type”

If being outdoors just isn’t your thing, you are going to love glamping! Now you can join the rest of your family and friends without being too far out of your element. You will still have access to your TV and comfortable bed, so you’ll feel right at home!

2.Trouble Sleeping on the Ground

Thankfully, with a glamped out tent, you will be able to fit a full size bed in there, so you don’t have to sleep with just a thin pad or blanket. Get a full night’s sleep still!

3. Large Family

Sure, there are some large tents out there, but most barely fit a maximum of eight people. Generally, glamping tents are much more accommodating so you can fit your entire family inside.

4. Extended Travel Time

Two or three nights may be OK with you, but when you’re pushing a week or two, things start to get a little rough. With glamping, now you can last the entire duration of your trip.

5. Show Off to Other Campers

Sometimes it feels good having the biggest and best tent on the block. ANd now you can do that with your glamper! Everyone will be amazed and slightly jealous of your glamping tent when you pitch it up.

6.Use it as the Main Base for Others

If you are traveling in a group and need a place to congregate, then the glamping tent is perfect for you. You can have the rest of the group outside in standard tents, while the glamping tent will serve as the meeting place.

7. If You Want to Live Outside

If you’re looking to make a more permanent move, and want to live outside, then camping may be the best method for you! You don’t fancy the idea of being locked away in an apartment, or having the burden of paying for a house, yet don’t want to sleep outside in the bare skin and bones. With a glamping tent now you can have the best of both worlds.

8. More Resistant Against the Weather

Travelling somewhere that gets a lot of rain? No problem. Your glamper is much less likely to get soaked in the rain with it’s weather resistant material. Glamping tents are also much more capable against the cold weather. Now you can camp outside in the snow if you would like (just bring lots of blankets and a heater!).

9.A Taste of Luxury

You like you’re cheeses aged, your car’s sport, and your wine fine. So, of course you want your camping tent to be the creme de la creme! Glamping tents are great for those who want luxury during their camping experience. They want a level up on the regular guys sleeping in the basic nylon tent.

10. Work Remotely While Still On Vacation

Another great advantage is you can easily store your computer inside and work from home, should you have to.

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