Trees and large plants are a powerful way to soften almost any interior and bring a sense of the familiar to a space.

For most of us, as our lives continue to get progressively more high-tech, we also continue to yearn for and seek out a much-needed connection to the natural world.

It is therefore not surprising to discover that our fascination with trees and the placing of them inside our buildings and interiors is a continuing trend and is showing no signs of slowing down.

I hope today’s post encourages you to look at ways in which you can incorporate your own interpretation in your next project.

Following are 12 examples. Which one do you like best?

Trees in Interior Design | Curated by Yellowtrace.

Photo © Gilbert Fastenaekens.

New wing of the Charleroi Museum of Photography by L’Escaut Architectures.


Quality Hotel Expo, Norway by Haptic Architects | Yellowtrace.

Photo © Trine Thorsen.

Quality Hotel Expo in Norway by Haptic Architects. This large 300-room hotel and conference venue was inspired by the stunning Norwegian landscape, more specifically the forest.


Trees in Interior Design | Curated by Yellowtrace.

Photo © Filippo Vinardi.

KOOK Osteria & Pizzeria in Lazio, Italy by Noses Architects. The interior is dominated by an olive tree incorporated within an atrium – the symbol of wisdom, longevity and Mediterranean essence, housed in the ‘green aquarium’.


Kre House by No.555 Architectural Design Office | Yellowtrace.

Photo © Torimura Koichi.

Kre House by No.555 Architectural Design Office. This house for a hardcore sport car enthusiast contains a nine car garage, fitted with a lift that transports the owner’s favorite car of the moment straight into the living room.

Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates | Yellowtrace.

Photos © Daici Ano.

Garden Tree House by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates.


Feed Meat Market by FGMF Arquitetos + Projeto de Perto | Yellowtrace
Photo ©  Rafaela Netto.
EED Meat Market by FGMF Arquitetos & Projeto de Perto in São Paulo, Brasil.

Raven Street House by James Russell Architect | Yellowtrace
Photo ©  Toby Scott.
Raven Street House by James Russell Architects in QLD, Australia // Raven Street House by James Russell is an alteration and addition to a traditional workers cottage in the inner Brisbane suburb of West End. The new structure plays with timber tradition respectfully but it reworks the dark Victorian core.

House in Ohno by Airhouse Design Office | Yellowtrace
Photo ©  Toshiyuki Yano.
House in Ohno by Airhouse Design Office // Located among the kaki (persimmon) trees, this beautiful house is a project by Japanese architecture studio Airhouse Design Office.


Donaire Arquitectos Restores an Old House into a New Restaurant | Yellowtrace
Photo ©  Fernando Alda.
Perro Viejo Restaurant by Donaire Arquitectos // Perro Viejo is a transformed old house that’s become a tapas bar & restaurant in Sevilla, Span, designed by Donaire Arquitectos.

House in Ohno by Airhouse Design Office | Yellowtrace

Tokachi Hills by Nadamoto Yukiko Architects // Overlooking a sightseeing garden with 1000 species of different flowers and trees, ‘Tokachi Hills’ by Japanese studio Nadamoto Yukiko Architects was originally used as a greenhouse for growing vegetables.

Skye Gyngell's Spring at Somerset House | Yellowtrace

Spring at Somerset House by Skye Gyngell


Casa Chinkara Guatemala City Guatemala | Yellowtrace

Photo ©  Marko Bradich.

Casa Chinkara by Solis Colomer Arquitectos in Guatemala. Located in a privileged area surrounded by forests but still close to Guatemala city, the Casa Chinkara presents itself as a dual residence exploring the contrast between the natural and the man made; between the primitive and the contemporary.

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