Halloween is sneaking up on us. No Halloween bash is complete without treating your guests with some spook-tacular cocktails and snacks. Either you want cute and creepy appetizers or you want to make some ghoulish creations, we have gathered really cool ideas.

1. Dare Your Guests to Taste These Deviled Eggs

Image credit: thespruceeats

You may have tried making deviled eggs at Easter but you can also whip them up for Halloween as well. Just add some green food coloring to your yolk mixture and top with olives to become eyeballs staring at you. To add even more drama, put strands of grated carrot to create a bloodshot look of the eyes.

2. Scrumptious Stuffed Peppers

Image credit: everydayjenny

Carve some orange bell peppers to mimic jack-o-lanterns and then we suggest that you fill them with a chicken and rice stuffing or any other combination you are used to.

3. Pop a Can of Crescent Dough and Make Mummies with Meatballs

Image credit: thesouthern

Cook some meatballs and then wrap every three in ‘bandages’ of crescent dough. Bake them until golden and make the eyes with egg white and olive circles.

4. A Spooky Take on Pizza Pockets

Image credit: plainchicken , pinterest

Line a skull pan with dough sheets and then fill them up with your favorite pizza stuffing. Since you are baking them for Halloween keep the concoction as red as possible with the use of peppers, marinara sauce and pepperonis.

5. Turn Strawberries into Ghosts

Image credit: candiquik

You will require just a dip in white chocolate and mini chocolate chips to make these ghosts.

6. Cookies That Aren’t for the Faint of Heart

Image credit: lovetobeinthekitchen

Just introduce black food coloring to the regular recipe of your cookies and tada!

7. Red Marbled Eggs

Crack dye eggs with red food coloring to create these bone-chilling marbled eggs.

8. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts

Image credit: floandgrace

There may be some health conscious guests too and they will love how thoughtful you are with this great idea.

9. Severed Finger Hot Dogs

Image credit: saltycanary

Some basic carving skills are needed to blow your guests away with these hot dogs.

10. Any Shindig is Incomplete without Drinks

Image credit: cravingsofalunatic

Some red berries and pomegranates were harmed in making of this cocktail.