A messy house can have a significant impact on your mood. With everything in its place and clutter at bay, you will feel a lot better while staying at home while social distancing. With a lot of free time available, you can arrange your home in detail. Here are some home decluttering hacks.

Set a Timer for a Swift Decluttering Session

decluttering home in a set time


An effective way to start decluttering is by setting a timer. It will help you get rid of the clutter that is in sight. Let’s say you want to improve the look of your kitchen, set a timer for 10 minutes. Then look around and do a quick cleanup of the kitchen counters. Look for any extra things lying around on the kitchen tops. Kitchen clutter is usually about things that have not been put away again. The same is true for any other room too. The first step to declutter is to organize what is in easy reach. And the timer hack is best for that. 

Spot Clutter Magnets

Declutter drawers


Once you have done a quick clean up session in each room, next comes finding the most cluttered spots. For example, your bedroom nightstand and pretty much every drawer in your home can quickly become cluttered. So, clean all those cluttered areas one by one. Keep a cardboard box for each section of clutter so that you can get rid of junk. Purge anything that you don’t need. You can set aside another box for creating a donation pile. 

Use Baskets in All Parts of Your Home

Reduce clutter with baskets  

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Baskets are great for home decluttering. They are easily available in a lot of sizes and shapes. You can organize almost all parts of your home with baskets. In your living room, you can put all the remote controls and chargers in a basket on the coffee table. In the kitchen, you can use plastic baskets to store groups of similar things. You can organize your whole pantry with labeled baskets. Put all the toys in your kid’s room in a large basket with a lid. In a bathroom, you can put clean towel rolls in a wicker basket.

Declutter Your Closet

closet organisation  

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Dig through your closet to see what you have got. You will be surprised to find so many items of clothing that you don’t even wear. Make a pile of all those clothes. If they are in good condition, then put them in a donation box. And put the rest in a separate bag to be purged later. Now organize all the clothes you want to keep according to their categories. You can try some folding and storage hacks by the famous Konmari method. After you have arranged your wardrobe, also organize the kids and linen closet.

Sort The Paperwork

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Paperwork can quickly gather over time. So, now it is a great chance to sort them all out. There must be a lot of paperwork that is of no use anymore. You might not have thrown them away because you never had a chance to see what they are. So, go through all of them and collect all the papers that you don’t need in one recycle pile. If some papers with no use have some details such as your address, shred them before putting in the recycle box. 

Throw Away The Expired Stuff

home decluttering by throwing away expired makeup


Things expire all the time. Start with your pantry. Look for all the things that have passed their expiry date. Throw them away to free up space. Look for any cosmetics in your makeup vanity box that you may need to let go of. Then sort your medicine box, and throw away all the medicines that have expired.