Before you even think about touching anything in your house, you must read this guide on the major trends of this year! If you want your home to be up to date and in style after renovating, then you’ve got to check out this list. Updating a home can be a bit of a challenge, especially for those who aren’t particularly design oriented. But don’t worry! This guide makes it simple and breaks the trends down easily!

1. Matte Finishes

Stainless steel is still in style, but it is slowly being overtaken by matte finishes that aren’t too shiny. So if you’re updating any appliances, be on the lookout for matte!

2.Water Filtration

After many concerns of toxic chemicals leaching out into the bottled water, many people have been looking for alternative. With regular tap water often being contaminated, the best bet is to have a high functioning water filtration system.

3. Larger Tiles and Less Grout

This has been huge in the modern house trend. Many people are seeking out tile that is much larger, and more tightly packed together than normal.

4. Unique, Luxury Pieces

Many new home buyers are placing a larger precedent on keeping their home unique and having a particular identity to them. Some ideas include having an outdoor shower, a mini golfing green, etc.

5. Bringing the Outdoors Inside Your Home

One of the biggest trends is to replicate living outside, on the inside. This can include using stone mats, a green living wall, etc.

6. Artisan Pieces

You can add some unique flair to your home by featuring a unique piece in the corner or on the wall. Something carved of wood, made of tile, etc.

7. Sustainable Features

Keeping everything as green as possible and energy efficient is a must. The new generation is becoming more socially responsible as far at the current state of the climate. Some ideas to include in your home are solar panels, energy efficient appliances, etc.

8. Minimalism

Minimalism in general as a movement is rapidly progressing forward. People are realizing they can do more with less. So instead of having the walls overflooded with tons of images, they place a few neatly in the center to feature. Or instead of having a big, bulky chair, they simply have a basic modern chair used just for sitting.

9. Open Floor Plan

This has been a trend for quite some time, and it isn’t going anywhere! The kitchen and living room space is almost always connected. People love being able to communicate and hangout while some people prepare the food and others hangout in the living room.

10. Full Length Shelves

Shelves that extend from wall to wall are becoming more popular than ever! These shelving spaces can add room to your house and make the place look much bigger. Feature your favorite glass collection, art pieces etc .while storing some documents and other important items.

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