If you have only one room available in your home for your kids to share then you can divide the space skillfully while keeping the concept of togetherness alive. While dedicating zones for each kid, you have to take care it doesn’t promote division at an emotional level. So, here are some wonderful ideas to plan and design a shared kids room:

1. Be Clever with The Bed Placement

Shared Kids Room
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In homes where the shared room is tiny in size it is always a great idea to install built-ins. You can install beds in such a way that they are joined by a storage unit in the corner. So, each kid can have access to their storage compartment. Furthermore, you can also outfit the beds with drawers.

2. One Headboard for Two Beds

Shared Kids Room
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You can also install a single headboard for two beds. This will symbolize unity among your kids and no doubt a single headboard looks stylish as well.

3. Put Bunk Beds

Shared Kids Room
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You can put bunk beds in your kids room that are still young enough to enjoy the play areas created under the beds.

4. Install a Triple Bunk for Three Kids

Shared Kids Room
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Three beds in a single room can take up a lot of space and your kids will barely have any room to walk around. To cope with this design dilemma you can put a sturdy triple bunk bed that also has storage units.

5. Carve Out a Space for a Study Desk

Shared Kids Room
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If you have decided to install a bunk bed then you can also create space for a desk with a cabinet for storage above so that your kids can do their homework peacefully.

6. Play with Colours

Shared Kids Room
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If the furniture in the room is limited then don’t hesitate and experiment with colours. Paint the wall with colour blocking pattern and roll out a matching rug between the beds.

7. Set Up a Homework Area

Shared Kids Room
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If the room has an alcove then don’t let it simply go to waste. Install some doors or shutters and create a hide away homework station.

8. Pick a Theme

Shared Kids Room
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To avoid the shared space from looking boring and cramped you can choose a theme such as this room with a nautical design.

9. Hang Swing Beds

Shared Kids Room
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Kids love swings and they will be so happy to have them right inside their bedroom. So, get a little adventurous and hang swing beds. Make sure to hire a professional for doing so because you won’t want any mishap to happen to your little ones.

10. For a Crib and a Bed in One Room Choose White Furniture

Shared Kids Room
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If you have a room for your baby and a bigger child try investing in white furniture. The reason it that you can then put soft furnishings and decorations in any colour that you like and can take care of the likings of your elder child.