If you’re seeking inspiration to spruce up your small patio or balcony space, we have some fabulous design tips to help you get started.

In Cyprus because of our warm climate, we tend to spend a lot more time outside, so it’s time to design or re-design your veranda to create a cozy ambiance that will encourage you to spend more time in outdoors. Try to make the most of your space without spending a lot of money or time by using plants and accessories to your outdoor space. From re-arranging furnishings to increasing your small space with the use of a mirror to even adding an outdoor area rug, these practical tips should help you get creative!

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Add plantings

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Fresh, vibrant plants can transform the look and feel of your vernada, so any investment you make here is well worth your while



Add plump pillows

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Fresh throw pillows can freshen up the look of a space in an instant. Outdoor fabrics are best, because they are designed to resist sun bleaching and mildew. If you can’t resist using indoor pillows on your patio, simply keep a storage bench in a protected spot at hand to throw them into, and they should last outdoors for a long time.



Define the border

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Edging your veranda area with plants can help your space feel more inviting and intimate. Planters filled with shrubbery make an excellent border. In a veranda that is open to a larger outdoor space , they can stand in as a fence alternative, but even in a small space, they can soften the fence line.



Choose a color scheme

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Sticking to two or three colors throughout the space will help your patio look polished and put-together.



Use an indoor-outdoor rug

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An outdoor seating area instantly becomes cozier and more welcoming with the addition of a rug. For a dining area, the rug should be large enough to fit beneath the chairs when they are pulled out slightly. For a couch seating area, the rug can fit either under all of the furniture or just beneath the coffee table and reach to the front feet of the furniture.



Add a freestanding umbrella

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On an uncovered veranda, an umbrella is a must. The freestanding type gives you much more flexibility to place it where it is needed, and will work with any table or chairs.



Create a focal point

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Think about what you use your veranda for, and what you would like to use it for in the future. Is the furniture arranged in a way that makes sense for your needs? Just as in your living room, it usually looks best to pull the furniture away from the walls. Experiment with different arrangements until it feels right.



Soften corners with plants

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Sharply angled corners are not only a challenge to decorate, but if left empty they can make a space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Fill in tight corners with potted plants to soften the angles — tall plants and topiaries work especially well.



Think about the style and mood you wish to create

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Sleek, modern and cheerful? Moody, lush and eclectic? Try to nail down the look and feel you want in a few words, and use them to help you make decisions when you are out shopping.



Hang a mirror

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Hanging a mirror on an exterior wall or fence is a great way to create a feeling of spaciousness on a small patio. Choose a mirror frame that can stand up to the elements, and hang it in a covered area.

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