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This is how it feels to be a homeowner of a house built by an amazing team.  Thank you ECOTEK.
From day one when Steve at ECOTEK said he would be happy to take on our project, to the day he handed over the keys it has been an amazing experience.

The ECOTEK team is second to none. They are always at the end of a phone and respond to emails immediately.  Steve managed expectations and Budget issues with care and respect. I would build with the ECOTEK team again and again.

We moved to Cyprus 7 years ago, and we decided for our big family, building a home was the way to go. Building Eco friendly was even more important to us. Building in a country you are unfamiliar with is not an easy task. With ECOTEK all the searching and all the difficult conversations are done for you. Finding and trusting electricians and plumbers and other services are all included in the service.
So when friends and family, visit our new home and ask how we feel in our new home, I always reply, I feel PROUD.
Thank you ECOTEK.
George & Elena Kafkarkou

In the battle for searching for a company to build our house, we end up with the best company in Cyprus, EcoTek. We had the great luck of meeting Steve and his team. Very professional team with an even better product, the Kingspan Tek system. In a matter of less than 14 months, and without any pain, we had our house ready.

Over the past three years, my family enjoys the benefits of this kind of structure. In the summertime, the house is cool, and in the wintertime, the place is warm. However, the most important of all is the feeling of living in such a structure.

I want to thank the Eco Tek team, especially Steve and Savvas, for excellent work and collaboration.

Avgoustinos & Margarita Avgousti

We have two life dreams: (i) is travel the world and (ii) have our own house in a beautiful island to return to!  And one of them has come true with Ecotek.

Up to now, we had always been living in old, concrete houses as this has been the main way of construction in Cyprus.  Winters were dreadful as we would walk around the house wrapped in our blankets; and summers were spent at the beach, to avoid sitting in the air-conditioned house all day.
As environmentalists, we have always researched ways to do our part for the protection of the environment, including spoken to friends living in the UK who praised SIPS systems.  To our astonishment, we found such a company in Cyprus and the more we investigated, the more convinced we became that this was the ideal way to build our home.
And we were not wrong!  Not only are we thrilled with the house temperature both in winter and summer, we also love the design created by Ecotek.  Ecotek listened specifically to our needs and desires for the house structure and adapted the design accordingly.  The final design is even more beautiful than we ever imagined!  And all our friends and family who visit say the same.
So, thank you Steve and thank you Ecotek for being with us every step of the way and bringing our dream to life.
Sotiris Christoforou and Marianna Charalambous

We researched as many eco build options as we could find on the island and found some really great systems. We think Ecotek is a great choice if you want to build an energy efficient house but ultimately we chose them over the other companies because of their excellent service during our research.

This excellent service continued throughout the building process and we couldn’t be happier with Steve and his team. Everyone working on the project had excellent knowledge of their field and now that the project is over we understand more than ever how important service and communication is when it comes to building a house.

Thank you Ecotek for a fantastic house and a fantastic building experience! 

George & Louisa Georgiou

Directors, Lithotechnic

Living now for one a half years in my new house, I am glad I chose EcoTek .

I do not need any additional heating in winter, or cooling in the summer. The insulation provided by the SIPS system is unbelievable.

It took me two whole years to get the building permit, but the house was finished and I could move in in six months!

The EcoTek team worked very professionally, and were always happy to discuss my needs and answer all my questions.

All in all I think it was the best decision I ever made.

Ersi Economides

General Secretary, Cyprus Federation of Classic Vehicles

We have been living in Cyprus for 13 years now and it’s only for the last 5 years that we haven’t had that feeling of utter dread as winter approached. Winters were miserable, I preferred to sit in the car and read my book than freeze in our concrete house. Retiring to bed was delayed as it meant taking off several layers of clothing only to then dress again for the arctic, and forgetting to turn on the electric blanket was almost a case for divorce!

Winter also meant several huge oil deliveries which meant cutting back on meals out and general spending so entertainment was sitting around the gas fire complete with dressing gown over clothes reading a book wearing fingerless gloves!

Life since building our Ecotek house is now sweet. Winter is the time for doing things that the high summer temps prevent. Our fuel bill is now approximately 26 euro, which is he cost of 2 gas bottles. Our gas heater warms the whole house! A/C is a dirty word in our house as our daughters have realized. Visitors from UK are quite amazed that their room is not stifling hot even in August and if they are being wimps then they only need a quick blast of A/C which I think is purely psychological! It has been known for us to have our bedroom French doors open overnight even in January!

We had to swap our 13 tog duvet for 10 tog and can still sleep wearing nothing but a smile!

Friends who come round in winter start stripping off as soon as they come in, cursing that they forget how warm our house is, but we have now had to refrain from going on about it because we don’t want them to go home miserable. The fact that on Christmas morning we can get up at 6am and sit round the tree opening gifts without even putting a fire on speaks volumes.

Simon & Tania Grange

As an avid environmentalist, I had researched various options to build an energy efficient home in Cyprus. Finally after much research, the Ecotek solution best fit my requirements and budget.

Additionally I must say I was most impressed with the professional approach and service from SPA Building. One of the best services from all the companies I’ve used during my building process.

We have now lived on our Ecotek house for over 5 years. The house is at an elevation of almost 600m and can get real cold in winters. We had underfloor heating provisions made , especially for our small kids. After testing the house winter after winter we still do not need a central heating system. A couple of small basic heaters are sufficient. The super insulated walls (together with proper Upvc window frames and double glazed E-glass), retains quite some heat, by far surpassing my original expectations.

Alternately in the heat of the summer, the house feels much cooler than our previous brick homes. As a result our heating/cooling bills, are significantly low and we have noticed real money savings through the years.

If I were to build another house, I would make a few changes of course.  But the walls would still be Ecotek for sure.

Highly recommended!!!

Shane Rozario

After arrival in Cyprus in 2005, I took over a year to see which construction methods were available in Cyprus.
Traditional concrete frame with hollow brick went out first, due to poor insulation, long construction time and a huge amount of waste.

This was followed by steel framed houses, timber framed and an Israeli system of mineral insulation blocs.
The last remaining where SIPs and Ytong blocs. As Ytong was little used at the time and local experience was very limited, SIPS came out first,

We have now been living in our SIP house for over five and a half years without any problems.

Due to the excellent insulation the costs for (solar) space heating are very modest , despite the fact that we have cold winters at our very exposed location,
at an altitude of 640 meters over sea level and very cold winds coming down from Troodos. Cooling costs are also very modest.

Interesting to note is the fact that we did not require a single skip to dispose of the construction waste.

As you are aware I have recommended you to a good number of people without hesitation.

Petrus Hijmans

We moved to Cyprus in 2008 and building our own home was the main reason for the move. I came across Ecotek by pure chance as would have probably gone down the traditional concrete road.

Once I saw for myself the difference, having rented a concrete house for 3 years whilst we were planning ours made it a very easy decision. Our house in the winter is a joy. We have no central heating but do not feel the cold in the same way you do in a concrete house. The bonus has also been that my son’s asthma has dramatically improved.

The whole experience was painless and everything went as planned.

I would recommend this system of building to anyone and do not have a single regret.

Jimmy Leicos

We were recommended to Ecotek by our Architects, who were very ecological minded with their designs and had used this company many times before.  Prior to making our final decision we were given the opportunity to view ongoing projects by Ecotek and were very impressed.

Throughout the project, everyone was very professional, friendly and helpful.  We were delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of the tradesmen and their work. They started the job on time and finished when they said they would.  The entire process went smoothly and they kept us informed along the way.

We found the greatest benefit of choosing a timber framed property was the foam insulated wall panels that Ecotek use.  The property remains lovely and warm during the winter months and most importantly dry, unlike the traditional use of porous concrete.

In summary, we have no hesitation in recommending them.

Anne-Marie & Tony Hevicon

I really enjoyed working with you.

You helped bring our ideas to life and the whole project was very successful. I found you incorporated our family needs with good contemporary design features to help us create our beautiful dream home.

We are extremely happy with efficiency and build quality of the Ecotek system and would highly recommend you to family and friends.

Many thanks x

Ben & Samantha Jones

I commissioned Ecotek to construct my Kingspan Tek home because of its thermal efficiency, environmental sustainability and speed of assembly.

The system was assembled in 4 weeks and the property was ready for us to move in after just 16 months of build time.

After living in our Ecotek home for 7 years, I am pleased to report that it meets all my expectations. Because of its low U value, the building does not overheat in the summer and my fuel bills are low in the winter.

I found Steve Piponides to be helpful and professional at all times and would thoroughly recommend Ecotek for those contemplating building their next home.

James Sideras

“After having my first house built in Cyprus by developer, I later decided to purchase some land and then searched the possibility of doing a self build. For this to happen I needed to have confidence in my architect and sub contractors. The was more so as I was then about the leave Cyprus for 3 years and do everything from 10,000 miles away.

From start to finish Steve Piponides, the Architect and project manager for the house build worked with complete professionalism. He appreciated the distance involved and made every effort to keep me updated with project progress.

The final product was excellent, the house was delivered very close to the expected completion time. Progress throughout the build was excellent and problems encountered were almost nonexistent.

Now the living experience with my house has been excellent, even with a build of 36Osq mtr, there has been minimal problems by settling and cracking of walls. The insulation is exceptional, with cozy winters and cool summers enjoyed within the house. With correct planning and opening and closing of windows and doors in an effective way, I often enjoy temperature variations from external summer heat to 10 degrees below this inside my living accommodation without using air conditioning but simply by capturing the cool evening air and holding on to this throughout the day.

I wound strongly recommend this build type and the people involved. If I was to build again I would waste no time in searching any other company to build my house.

Well done guys, great job and I have happily recommended you to many people who are considering a house build in Cyprus.

One very satisfied customer !”

Wayne Eves


“It’s now been eight years and I’m still amazed but the superb insulation of my home. Its such a robust and resilient but also an elegant build. I guess Germans know best!

But its not all up to the german technology. Ecotek had all that’s needed to stand far above the competition; exemplary team work, product quality and reliability, design flexibility and accuracy in time delivery and estimation .

Amazing work even to watch in progress. The guys always know what their doing and they do it well.

To be sincere, my primary fears were not easy to handle as I was suspicious and resistant to anything new and unknown. It was about my dream home after all and there was no room for regrets.

I thanked the heavens at the end we were not let down. On the contrary, though time passed by, my wife I and are still thrilled that this company kept up its promisses to the full.

Tested through time, the company has indeed proved itself to be the experts of green living. I’m priviledged to have been benefited in times when everyone else was struggling with soaring energy bills.

These guys know how to give a concept a flesh and to bridge a dream with reality.

Thank you!”

Stavros & Georgina Ioannides

Whilst searching around the village of SILIKOU,with many renovated old and attractive houses for ideas for my home as I was leaving,I saw on a cliff edge with a superb view, a large pile of SIPS panels awaiting the construction of a house on the site.

I followed the construction,made contact with the owner, questioned him about his satisfaction with the company who had provided the materials,and the team who built his home. He was happy with the type of building material whose insulating properties were appropriate for the exposed site,and the team constructing his home.

I was taken with the house,its speedy mode of construction the plan helped me to consider in design detail that of my own home. I contacted architects for a plan and arranged a meeting between him and the company boss, who would manufacture the house according to his design.

I was able to add small changes during the build,to leave some structural beams exposed and add others features.

The team who undertook the internal fitments and who plastered the walls were introduced to me by the construction team,and familiar with the type of build, so that this aspect was quickly and efficiently completed.

I have been visited by people who have seen my house online and who have admired the construction. The insulation works well,and the modern aspect is light, airy and spacious and a pleasure to live in.

John Kirby

As one of the first customers and proponents of the Kingspan Tek system in Cyprus through Ecotek now over ten years ago, I can say without reservation that as a progressive Eco friendly development company we absolutely made the right choice, not only has the system provided excellent cost benefits regarding the simplicity of the system design, greatly reduced construction times and amazing insulation properties but also the long term peace of mind for our clients.

Dealing with Steve has always been a breeze from project inception through design up to and beyond delivery he has always been on hand to advise and educate.

Nichols Bates

Director , Panoramia Properties ltd

I chose to build a sips house because having lived in a concrete house through four years of Cyprus winters I felt that I couldn’t go wrong.

I chose Ecotek as they came highly recommended by a couple of British builders I knew.

Once the frame was delivered it was watertight with a sips roof fitted within a couple of weeks . It took less than 4 months before we moved in and 6 months before the house was completely finished inside and out.

It was easy working with Steve and he was very helpful and professional.

If I were to build another house here I would do the same type of house it is amazing when it is 2 degrees outside it is 20 inside you literally don’t need heating I have never heated a bedroom since I have lived there(4 years).

So build with confidence.

Fraser Keys

Director , Keys Cars

Being Greek Cypriot, I knew very well the limitations of the standard concrete build. So when it came to building our family home, a good deal of research was in order. Our aims were not just to build a home that was warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but also Greener – less environmental impact from start to finish.

Discovering Kingspan Tek, and meeting Steve was the defining moment of our home build process. Steve’s knowledge and support throughout the build was invaluable.

We have now been living in our home for 9 years, without heating or air conditioning. The house is angled for maximum airflow in the summer. In the winter, the temperature has not dipped below 18 degrees. Very comfortable. We are overwhelmingly happy with our home, and always happy in the winter when visitors are amazed at how warm it is without any heating whatsoever.

Ricky Shields

Director , Shields Create