Recycling these days can be tricky. Sometimes it feels easier to just throw everything into one big pile and send it off to sit in a landfill, but that may not be the right thing to do. It’s important to put the planet first and make more green choices for the environment. This is essentially a compilation of items that you may not know can be recycled. When sorting through your rubbish, you will want to set these aside to be recycled:

1. Books

Yes, you can recycle a book in its entirety. The only part that can not be recycled is the cover (both hardcover and paperback), so remove that before placing that in your recycling bin. Or, better yet, give it away to a friend or donate it.

2. Metal Pots, Pans, Tins, and Utensils

Have your pots and pans worn out to the point where they are completely tarnished and blackened with markings from usage? Simply place them in the recycling container to be picked up and repurposed into something else.

3. Plastic Cups

Whether temporary or your plastic cups in the pantry have worn, these items can actually be recycled. If using a temporary plastic cup just remember to remove the lid and straw before sorting it out into the recycling bin.

4. CD’s

Have you gone completely digital and all of your music is stored online? Greta, then you can recycle your old cd’s or give them to friends and family. You may need to recycle these in a specific recycling center, so please check with your local recycling agency.



5. Batteries

Whether it’s a cell phone, laptop, camera, or plain AA batteries, do the environment a favor and stick them in the recycling bins. Many computer service repair shops and electronic stores have recycling bins specifically for batteries and electronics, so be on the lookout for that next time you check out the electronics.

6.Inkjet Cartridges

All out of ink after printing out your documents? Don’t worry. You can just sort them out into the proper recycle bin, or recycle it at most office stores.×500.jpg

7.CFL Lightbulbs

While maximizing the lifespan and usage of a product is generally the green and eco friendly thing to do, in this case it may be more beneficial to the environment for you to toss your old outdated and inefficient incandescent light bulbs, and upgrading to CFL’s or LED’s. However, it is particularly important to dispose of CFLs properly due to toxic chemicals that can be released if broken.

8. Christmas Trees

If you live in a country or region that heavily celebrates the Christmas holiday, you will likely have a tree placed in your house full of decorations. As we all know, the best gifts are the gifts that keep on giving, so please recycle. Once the season’s over, many governmental agencies collect Christmas trees and convert them to mulch!

9. Cars

If you have a total clunker and can’t manage to sell it off to somebody else, consider donating it instead of sending it to the landfill.

10. Tires

Tires are one of the worst things to end up in a landfill. So to avoid this, return your used tire to a recycling center where it can be repurposed into rubber mulch, containers, or be reborn as a new tire.

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