Did the power go out, and you’re panicking to keep your food from rotting without a refrigerator? Are you trying to cut back on costs, or go about cooling your food in a more natural approach? Or, are you moving and you need to keep your food from spoiling while you drive to your new home? Don’t worry! Your food will be perfectly safe and cool with these five methods of keeping food cool without a refrigerator:

Coca Cola’s Bio Cooler

Get this – Coca Cola has invented a way to keep it’s cans of Coke cool as well as food by simply harnessing the power of the sun’s heat! This Bio Cooler doesn’t use any security at all and is used in off grid places to keep their drinks cool. And counterintuitively, it makes food and drinks much more cool the hotter it is! If you can get your hands on one, you can kiss your fridge goodbye!

Zeer Pot: Make Your Own DIY Fridge

This is a must have in rural Africa and the Middle East! This is an item that is normal to have in any household that is offgrid. It’s very simple and will preserve your food and keep it cool without the need of being on the grid with electricity. Simply take two unfinished clay pots and fill it with sand in between and place a lid on top. Keep all of your vegetables, fruits, and other food cool with this pot set up!

Ice Chest

Yes, the classic ice chest that was a stronghold in many houses in the West before the modern invention of the refrigerator. Simply grab an insulated chest and fill it with ice. You can use a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, etc. Secure the lid on it to keep the cool air inside and keep your foods at a safe temperature. All you need is some ice – cubed or liquid – and you’re good to go! Great for camping trips, porting things on a boat or to the beach, etc.

Sea Water Cooler

Keep a water and air tight container full of your favorite goodies and attach it to a rope. Tie it up to your dock and keep it in the sea. This will work if you live in a cooler climate. The temperature of the sea is always much more cold that the air outside.

Simply Leave Foods Out That Don’t Need Refrigeration

Many people often store their fruits, vegetable and eggs on the fridge. While this can be effective in preventing ripe foods from spoiling, oftentimes food bought from the supermarket is not yet mature, so by leaving it on the counter you are minimizing the waiting time for the ripeness to happen. Also, since eggs are porous, keeping them in the fridge can cause them to taste bad because they absorb other smells and tastes from other foods. Keep them outside of the fridge instead.

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