Summer is the season when there is abundance of fresh fruits and we can make so many delicious recipes with them. You either are health conscious or you have a sweet tooth, so we have collected summer fruit recipes for everyone. Here they are:

1. A Yummy Fruit Tart

summer fruit recipes
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This is a quick recipe to make a fruit tart. You just have to roll out a sheet of puff pastry in any shape you like on a baking tray. Poke holes using a fork and then spread raw black beans on top of it to prevent the pastry from rising in the middle. Then apply egg wash to the sides. Once the crust is baked discard the beans and let it cool down to room temperature and then spread a mixture of cream cheese, sugar and lime juice on the tart crust. Top with fresh fruits of your choice such as apples, peaches and mixed berries.

2. A Watermelon Fruit Pizza

summer fruit recipes
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This one is a very healthy recipe and looks fun too. You have to cut a large round slice of a watermelon and then spread a little cream cheese on the watermelon ‘pizza base’. Then put fruit toppings such as peaches, berries, mangoes and figs.

3. Healthy Fruit Popsicles

summer fruit recipes
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There are two ways to make healthy popsicles. You can either put slices of fruits in coconut water. Or you can puree the fruits and make popsicles with layers of pureed fruits and greek yogurt.

4. Summer Fruit Spring Rolls

summer fruit recipes
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Want to surprise your kids with something unique? Then try these fresh fruit spring rolls. To make these you have to wrap julienne cut fruits in rice paper wraps. To make the sauce you have to mix honey with lime juice and zest along a little water. You can make a dip of cream cheese and lime zest too.

5. Summer Citrus Fruit Salad

summer fruit recipes
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Sometimes we crave a salad on a hot summer day. So, you can make a quick salad with citrus fruits such as kiwis, grapes, oranges and strawberries along some greek yogurt and lime zest.

6. Summer Fruit Pancake Tacos

summer fruit recipes
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First make mini pancakes and give them a golden color. Use a muffin tray inverted upside down to give shape to the pancake tacos. Fill them with chopped fresh fruits and a dollop of whipped cream.

7. A Healthy Smoothie Bowl

summer fruit recipes
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A healthy smoothie bowl is a wonderful breakfast to start your day. You can make a smoothie with any berry and almond milk. Top it with more fruits, nuts, oats and seeds.

8. Mixed Fruit Pie

summer fruit recipes
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If you want to make a pie but can’t decide a filling then try a mixture of summer fruits such as berries.

9. Summer Fruit Salad Parfait

summer fruit recipes
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Parfaits are great for party dessert tables. You can create a delicious parfait recipe with a summer fruit salad and greek yogurt.

10. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

summer fruit recipes
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Just cut your favourite fruits and make rainbow kabobs with wooden skewers.