The heatwave is at its zenith and we are all looking for ways to stay cool. But instead of just sitting in front of the air conditioner, why not explore more ways of dealing with the heat? Here are some ways to stay cool and beat the heat this summer.

1. Freeze Your Towels and Sheets

frozen towels

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Roll your towels and sheets and put them in plastic bags so that you can freeze them. Take them out and cool yourself with icy towels and sheets.

2. Spritz a Cooling Spray

DIY face mist

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Blend a cucumber, some rose water and some aloe vera in water. Strain the pulp out and then fill a spray bottle with the liquid. Spray your face with this mist whenever you need to refresh yourself.

3. Make a Sprinkler from a Water Bottle

DIy water sprinkler

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Make holes in a plastic water bottle and fix its neck with a hose. You can use this sprinkler to cool down your feet in the garden in the evening time. Just pull up a chair and sit next to the sprinkler and enjoy. You can also increase the pressure of the water and enjoy the splashes.

4. Splash Water on Cooling Pulse Points

ways to beat the heat

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We have some points in our body that when splashed with water, create a cooling effect. Two of those points are the wrist and the nape. You can also make a pack of icy water and apply it on your nape to have an immediate cooling effect.

5. Make Menthol Bath Bombs


DIY bath bombs

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Just before taking a dip in the bathtub throw a menthol bath bomb, and enjoy a bath, that soothes your body.

6. Sleep with a Cold Water Bottle

stay cool in summer

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Freeze a water bottle and sleep with it so that it will keep you cool and relaxed while you doze off.

7. Have a Water Balloon or Sponge Fight

water balloon fight

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Fill water balloons with ice cold water and enjoy a water fight to keep the heat away. You can also soak sponge balls for a water fight.

8. Cool Off with a Fan and an Ice Tray

DIY air conditioner

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Empty a bag of ice cubes in a tray and put it next to a table fan. Sit in front of it and enjoy refreshing air.

9. Drink Coconut Water

drink coconut water

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Fresh coconut water is not only tasty but has a quality to cool your body from deep inside. So, drink it the first thing in the morning and see how refreshed you will stay.

10. Eat Spicy Food, Yes You Can!

eat spices

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Eating spices increase the internal heat in your body and make you sweat which actually cools down the body, contrary to the belief that spices make us feel warm. So, you can stay cool in summer despite eating spicy food.