Video presentations and further information

How the Kingspan TEK Building System works

This animation describes how the main elements of the TEK system go together on site.

The Kingspan TEK Construction system.

A Kingspan presentation showing the construction of a building, describing the main elements involved.

Kingspan Lighthouse the UKs first Code level 6 (net-zero-carbon) house & Code for Sustainable Homes

A short video that delves into the technology and thought process that went into the development of the UKs first Code level six (net-zero-carbon) house and the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH).

Kingspan 60K House – Built in 14 days!

One of the house designs from the SIXTYK Consortium’s winning entry in the Design for Manufacture competition was constructed using Kingspan Off-Site’s TEK Building System opposite the Building Centre in London, providing visitors to the centre with a first hand experience of what an innovative £60,000 home will look like.

The demonstrator house was one of a range of 35 house and apartment models designed by the SIXTYK Consortium [10] for the Design for Manufacture competition. The Kingspan TEK Building System was central to achieving the performance requirements set out by the competition’s criteria. The requirements included design flexibility, affordability, adaptability, sustainability and an excellent EcoHome rating, all at a low cost.

The SIXTYK house model range achieved excellent thermal and airtightness efficiency due to the specially designed jointing method and junction details inherent in the TEK Building System, which minimise air leakage through the joints once constructed.

The Kingspan TEK Building System was also used to control costs through the manufacturing and site assembly process to ensure the house models could be constructed within the £60k budget.

This house was built in just 14 days (count the day breaks)

SIPS Home Build -Time Lapse

The SIPS shell of a a demonstration house is assembled in one day, showing how fast this super efficient building system goes up!

Building with Structural Insulated Panels

This presentation is by the Structural Insulated Panel Association and breifly describes the benefits of the building with this innovative system.

Structural Insulated Panels Overview

Here is another presentation is by the Structural Insulated Panel Association adding more information about building in SIPs.