Ecotek and energy saving

This is a comparison of the energy used in homes are made with the traditional method, with the current standards of Cyprus and Ecotek’s construction .

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We completed a study on energy efficiency based on a standard three-bedroom house in order to compare how much energy and CO2 each construction method used.

The purpose of this exercise was to show how much energy is saved when you increase the insulation of a house with the current standards of Cyprus, and then how much more is saved, using Ecotek’s super insulation .

Traditional construction in Cyprus


○ concrete frame
○ bricks
○ Concrete slab flat roof
○ Double glazing

This construction method was used throughout Cyprus until recently. Without any insulation, this type of house is generally very hot in summer and very cold and wet winter.

Total energy use per year (kWh/m2/yr)

Total CO2 use per year (kgCO2/m2/yr)

A construction detail image showing concrete column, brickwork and render

A house built with Cyprus current standards


○ concrete frame
○ 25 cm from bricks with 5 cm polystyrene
○ Concrete slab flat roof with 5 cm polystyrene
○ Double glazing

Even if using the same basic materials, the addition of a layer of polystyrene improves insulation. However, since the current standards in Cyprus are still very low compared to other EU countries, there is only a small benefit.

Total energy use per year (kWh/m2/yr)

Total CO2 use per year (kgCO2/m2/yr)

a construction detal showing a concrete column, brickwork, insulation and render

An Ecotek house with super insulation


○ walls SIPs panels, 142 mm thick with additional outer covering system 5m Rockwool
○ 50 mm gap for internal services
○ TJI decking with 20 cm insulation
○ UPVC or aluminum double glazing

The standard of insulation in an Ecotek home is better than the most strict EU standards. The savings you will see are therefore extremely high.

Total energy use per year (kWh/m2/yr)

Total CO2 use per year (kgCO2/m2/yr)

a wall detail showing a Sip panel with external insulation and internal plasterboard


This diagram shows the results of each method relative to the others.

A super insulated Ecotek house will use 90% less energy and almost 90% less carbon emissions than a traditional house built here in Cyprus.

Even the current standards for new homes are also much less than the levels of energy efficiency of a house of Ecotek.

  • Traditional House 100% 100%
  • Current Cyprus Standards 50% 50%
  • Ecotek House 10% 10%

The financial advantages of Ecotek

Energy saving

With the highest insulation levels available in the field of construction today, with a U value of 0.1 W / m² · K, you’ll see a huge difference between the heating and cooling costs of your home. For most of the year will not need it.

Capital Cost Savings

Whether concrete or masonry or traditional wooden frame, to get anywhere near our insulation levels you will need to spend a much larger sum in construction costs.

Landfill Savings

The building system Kingspan TEK arrives on site in one delivery and includes all the necessary materials for the construction of walls, floors and roof. Thus, there is less waste on site and therefore less cost for transporting the waste.

Labour savings

All components are prefabricated in our factory so there is no need for on-site construction. The modern technology of our computer system ensures that all components will be connect together very quickly, minimizing the workplace time, the scaffolding and all other expenses that continue during the process of constructing a building.

A team of 3-4 people can complete a TEK home  very quickly.

Opens doors faster

Our programmed construction means that less time is needed on site for contractors to interpret plans and less chance of time consuming mistakes. Projects made with Kingspan TEK system can be completed in less than one third of the time required for conventional building.

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