For many people, their dream home is probably that large house on the corner lot, with a huge backyard and a white picket fence. It probably has 3 or more bedrooms, plus a couple extras for all the room they think they need. It comes with tall ceilings and is just huge in general. But not so for others. For the families living in these tiny eco homes below, they have found their own version of paradise in these tiny eco homes, that are petite in size and low in impact on the earth.

1. The “Eco Family”

This family was tired of paying mortgage on their house and wanted to downsize in order to save money and also decrease the negative impacts they would have on the earth. So, they designed this tiny home made of entirely salvaged, recycled materials!

2. The Self Sufficient Cabin (Built Under $2,000)

Everything form the foundation, to the walls of  the interior of this tiny eco home was built using recycled materials. It harvests most of its energy from the sun with its 48-watt solar panels as well as the 400-watt wind collection power system.

3. The Non Contractor Approach

Again, inspired by the idea of not having to pay a mortgage, as well as the avoidance of paying a hefty contractor fee, a woman decided to create this beautiful eco-friendly home based on the flatbed of a trailer so she could travel whenever.

4. The “Dome Home”

This home is Thailand was made using mainly locally made concrete bricks and is incredibly self-sufficient. The man who made this beautiful sphere shaped home took only 6 weeks,along with the help of two workers. Incredible results!

5. The Rural Studio Home

These studios are being designed in the United States with the help of university students in order to bring affordable housing to those in smaller communities. The total costs of these studies is under $20,000 and they have a tornado safe room in the shower.

6. The Totally Reclaimed Wood Cabin

This cabin was crafted by a featured tony home builder and was made with only $1,200. Wow – imagine getting a place at that price! The house was built piece by piece with salvaged materials.

7. The Modern Barhouse inspired Eco Tiny House

This tiny house on wheels may look small from the outside, but on the inside it really maximises its space. Also, it maximises the way it uses its energy off grid with alternative sources of heating and a compostable toilet.

8. The Beautiful Tiny Home Tree House Fort

Now you can fulfil your childhood fantasy and live in a tree! This treehouse is used in the backyard of somebody’s house, however, it can also be used off the electric grid to have a lower impact on the earth.

9. The Fold Out Porch Home

If you want your eco home to be really connected to the elements outside in nature, then this is the tiny eco home for you! It may appear to be super small, but it actually has a large porch that folds out from the house.

10. The “Bestie Rows” Neighborhood Houses

Live right next door to all of your favourite people in this chain of houses! These recycled tiny houses are made from salvaged metal exterior and grained plywood on the inside, which can be substituted for recycle, reclaimed wood for an even lower impact.

11. Isolated Cabin In the Woods

This beautiful cabin harvests almost all of its energy entirely from the sun with the solar panels on the roof. Also, has a stunning large deck.

12. The “Moby Dick” Home

If you can get your hands on this house, it would be awesome to live in this whale inspired home with sea wood exterior styled finish on the outside and a bright blue while inspired design.

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