15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

When was the last time you added any new piece of furniture of decor to your home? Well aren’t you bored with that same old look you’ve had for years with the oversized sofas, the worn-out sliding door wheels and corners which can easily be fixed by hiring a sliding door repair Miami expert and the cramped rustic kitchen! It’s time for some serious change in your interior design plan. It’s 2017! So “bye-bye classic”, and we certainly don’t mean “hello funky”! What we’re going for here is MODERN. Yes, simple furnishing, larger spacing, nude colors and strange centerpieces; we Love ALL OF IT. Allow us to guide you into falling in love with modern home decor. Once you are ready with your new interior, do not forget to make sure your house is also a safer place. Use this weblink  for reliable security options from Kingstone Locksmith. Here are all the tips you’ll need for your grand house makeover.

Less Is More

modern-decor-less-furniture-675x844 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

Modern homes are always characterized by sticking only to the needed furniture. No crowding up spaces with extra sofa settings or packing an area with excessive decoration. No use of too much cupboards or placing a ridiculously huge wardrobe in the bedroom. Think about what you need, and need does not mean”want”, need as in only what you will actually “use”. After deciding that, remove everything else. This will save humongous space, and guess what! All those unnecessary items you ditched will surely save you a lot of money.

Sharp Furnishing

sharp-furniture-black-and-white-bedroom-with-green-decoration-675x675 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

contemporary-interior-design-675x506 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

Modern interior design often uses furniture with edgy lines, from edgy rectangular sofas to straight-lined dining tables. The rule is “Precise Definition”. Be geometric, but don’t get too excessive. Form a balance between symmetry and asymmetry; add fluffy pillows to your edgy chairs or use a bold abstract piece of art in the center the room.

Neutral Colors

modern-black-and-white-colors-675x380 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

Since it’s all about simplicity, you will certainly need to stick to simple colors. Neutral colors of Nudes are very comfortable to the eye. They’re easy to match and will always give that sophisticated look easily. Use white, black and beige, in your largest areas (walls, floors, main furniture pieces…etc.); you can also involve shades of brown. Having a solid neutral floor allows the more important and artistic elements to grab the required attention. Since the overall picture will have calm neutrals, don’t be afraid of using color in the smaller pieces, try bright wall art or even different shades of the nude colors. Don’t stick to just one or two colors in the whole house!

Dark Bathrooms

dark-bathroom-modern-decor-675x1008 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

dark-bathroom-modern-decor-2-675x749 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

Even though white and baby blue bathrooms were what we used to find while growing up, their time is over. Try dark tiles on the floor, use polished concrete or black granite. Do combinations of dark grey and violet for a mysterious mood. Use light colored sinks and bathtubs to lighten up the hue of the room, or add large sharp mirrors for an edgy look. Dark bathrooms have become so trendy; you could never go wrong with them. Read more here on their proper maintenance.


bathroom-modern-interior-design-675x771 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

There cannot be “modern” without “Glass”. Add it in your art pieces or even install a glass sheet wall if you can afford such an extreme move. In your dark bathroom, a plain, clear glass shower screen would be perfect. Don’t ruin that edgy look by using drab curtains.


living-room-modern-interior-design-675x830 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

living-room-lighting 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

We mentioned going for a glass wall above; this is one other reason you should consider it. Having more light in a room makes it feel more spacious and comfy. Add more windows to the house if you can and use very light window shades that allow light access through the day. Also use adaptive lamps, this modern solution will allow you to adjust the intensity of lamps, therefore changing the mood of the room whenever needed.

Wall Decorations

modern-interior-design-wall-art-675x866 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

wall-art-interior-design-675x469 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

This is an essential! No modern house can go free of wall art, whether its abstract, screaming paintings or drawings and writings that resemble your identity. Try to personalize your wall art. Don’t choose things that are simply pretty or randomly colorful, but those that are rather expressive and unique, just like you are. You can also contact Image Line Painting to help paint certain parts of the walls with bold colors that pop, or hang posters of whatever you love in modern plastic frames.

Combine Materials

luxury-interior-design-living-room-675x380 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

stainless-steel-decor-675x477 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

modern-decors-with-different-materials-675x469 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

Don’t stick to just wood furnishing; add plastic to your rooms. Get a wide Range of Bar Stools for your dining area or even your kitchen where you can showcase and serve people smoking hot food along with a little excitement of live food preparation display. Shiny stainless steel pieces are also commonly used as accessories, place a big stainless bowl in the center of your table and fill it with wood pieces and small dry flowers as a centerpiece for example. You can also add a small porcelain plant vase on the sofa table; use scented candles or colored symmetric glass vases containing a single flower. Don’t go big with the sizes but rather use many small pieces and spread them around the house.

Go open-plan

contemporary-interior-design-no-internal-walls-675x450 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

modern-home-interior-design-no-internal-walls-675x446 15+ Top Modern House Interior Designs for 2018!

If you can afford such huge change go for it without hesitating. Remove internal walls to add more open space and have all your house areas overview each other. Use one large floor choice for a cohesive finish and play around with different lighting for each area.

You are now your own experienced modern interior designer. The concepts of modern interior design are really simple and revolve around being bold and edgy. Use modern low beds instead of those oversized classic engraved ones. Pick a simple wardrobe with cool sliding doors to save space; add mirrors to its doors instead of placing mirror stands in the room. Use simple colored rugs with neutral hues; try to contrast them with your floor colors to make them catchy. If you find a classic or funky piece that you absolutely Love and can’t resist, buy it and place it in a suitable spot. Less is more but that doesn’t mean your room will contain 1 chair and a lamp stand. Modern art is all about whatever makes you feel expressive, so have fun and express yourself in your home setting; have the visitors acknowledge your persona the moment they set foot in the place. Best of luck with your grand makeover.

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