We all need to store our towels in the bathroom and if there is no linen cupboard or the bathroom is small, you have to think of clever ways to organize them to keep them handy. There are many different ways in which you can display and store your towels so have gathered some towel storage ideas for you to have a look at:

1. Use a Ladder

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The bars of a ladder can easily accommodate three to four towels at one time inside your bathroom. The good thing about a ladder is that it occupies very little space.

2. Roll The Towels and Put Them in a Basket

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The easiest way to keep fresh towels always available inside your bathroom is by placing rolled towels in a wicker basket. It is not only convenient but it also looks beautiful.

3. Repurpose a Wooden Crate into a Towel Shelf

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If you want to add a little rustic detail to your bathroom then you can fix a wooden crate on a wall for towel storage.

4. Reimagine a Wine Rack

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The curved bars of a wine rack are ideal for storing lots of clean rolled towels all in one place.

5. Store The Towels on a Shelf Above The Door

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Sometimes we give up on creating storage due to the small size of the bathroom. But if you think cleverly there are still some overlooked spots that can provide you with storage space. One such area is the space above the door where you can fix a shelf and store the extra towels.

6. Store in Wire Locker Baskets

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You can also fix one or more wire locker baskets on a wall and arrange the clean towels inside them.

7. Build a Shelf with Wood

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If you make a shelf from scratch for towel storage it will have a benefit of matching your storage needs just the way you want. A shelf like this will also add visual appeal to your bathroom while making it clutter-free and tidy.

8. Fix Industrial Pipe Floating Shelves

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Floating shelves are very practical when it comes to a storage inside a small bathroom. They can even be installed above the toilet for storing towels and other necessities.

9. Store in a Cabinet

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If the size of your bathroom can accommodate a cabinet then you can tuck away all your towels inside it along other toiletries too.

10. Fit in a Tall Open Shelving Unit

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Any empty corner inside your bathroom can fit in a narrow and tall shelving unit where you can neatly store towels.