We are pleased to announce the launch of Ecotek Green Living new website.

Packed with new features and designed specifically to make its use easier for its visitors you will now be able to clearly see our projects as well as having access to all the technical specifications of our system.

For the first time we have included a powerful new tool, our Home Budget Calculator which will help you put together an accurate cost analysis for the house you wish to build. This tool is not only a first in Cyprus but probably has not been offered before in this industry.

We have also added a section for testimonials from our clients, where you will be able to read real life experiences of how it is to live in an Ecotek house and also importantly, how it is to work with Ecotek.

Another new feature is our new blog page where we will not only be continuing to showcase the great ideas, and wonders from the world of living that you love here, but also we will now be showing articles from guest writers, who we hope will add their new and valuable views to our blog.

We hope you will find that our latest website continues to provide the high quality content that we have given you in the past, and that you will continue to support us as we develop this site further.

If there is anything you would like us to include or information you would like more details of, then please let us know.

Also if you would like to be a guest contributor on our blog then please contact us and we will be very interested to hear your ideas.