Window dressing always seems to be given the least amount of time and budget at the end of a building project.

The sun is really strong here in Cyprus and the damage it can cause to furniture, soft furnishings, floors, wood, metal railings, etc should be considered whichever direction your room is facing.

In the absence of outside shutters, we highly recommend curtains and blinds to be lined with either anti-sun lining or blackout lining. These give longer life to your curtains, whilst at the same time give you sound proofing and insulation.

Anti-sun lining allows light to filter through whilst blackout lining blocks out the light, usually used in bedrooms or Cinema/TV areas.

Thought should also be given to the positioning of the curtains or blinds. Either, from the ceiling or 25cm – 30cm above the window frame. From the ceiling, it creates a taller effect making the ceilings appear higher and the curtains grander! Hiding ceiling rails in a recess look best and is currently in

Make sure you consider these when designing your home. Either wall to wall or certainly
minimum 20cm on either side of the window frame. Depth too should be considered with your ceiling recess, if you plan to install layers of thick curtains, voiles, and blinds.

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