We are sure that you have all taken empty wine bottles and created a great ornament by pushing a candle into the top of it but that is not all there is that you can do with them. We agree that wine bottles should all go to the recycling bin, but here a few other great uses for them.

Their shape and coloured glass means that you can make great lamp shades and even chandeliers with them, combining different sizes and hues to create interesting effects. They also are effective flower and plant holders where their clear form emphasises the natural textures of the plants they hold.

You can also wine bottles to diffuse light so that a colourful wall is created with the light coming through the bottles or perhaps even use them to edge a garden path in a very interesting way.

One way or another, we use so many wine bottles in our households that we are sure that you will be able to come up with other creative uses of your own.

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