With the Christmas season nearly with us we all will accumulate many empty wine bottles that we may have bought for our friends or our friends have brought to our homes with them. Although taking bags of bottles to the recycling bank when we are finished with them is the correct thing to do, we can also do more with them than that.

The coloured glass and the interesting curved shapes can be used in many applications.

For instance, you can add candles or small lights to them to enhance the coloured glass and create interesting lighting effects. They also can be used as chandeliers, candle holders, bowls, planting pots, as well as making very good vases for cut flowers.

A glass bottle is also very strong and thus can also be used for applications such as the legs of a coffee table, glass partitions and glass screens. These can be enhanced further by also adding light to them creating an interesting three dimensional effect.

Super insulated next generation
Eco houses of the future, today !

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