The thing we all like most about cabins and winter getaways is how warm and cozy they all feel. How exactly is that possible? Well, it’s quite easy to understand if you stop and take a closer look at their designs and architecture. Usually, cabins have wooden exteriors which gives them that charming rustic look. But, more important than that, the interior also has wood-covered walls and exposed beams.

It’s beautiful how the ceiling and the floor bring cohesiveness into the décor



Another important material is stone. It’s usually used around the fireplace but stone accent walls can also be an option. So transferring that coziness and beauty into your own home is quite simple.

Put a stone fireplace in the bedroom to create a bohemian décor



All you have to do is use those materials. For example, you can incorporate wood accent walls into your home’s interior décor. The bedroom is an excellent place for that. Another option is to have wooden ceilings which can also warm up the room.

The stone fireplace is a wonderful focal point, especially with views of the mountains out the window

An imposing living room with a décor somewhere between rustic and modern

Exposed beams can look very elegant, especially on high ceilings

Mediterranean living room featuring sleek wooden beams and arched windows

A very cohesive and rustic living room with lots of wood features

The stone fireplace wall becomes the focal point in this rustic living room

The chandeliers and the ornate furniture create a memorable décor

Maintain an open and airy décor without giving up coziness



If you’d rather not completely transform your home into a rustic cabin, you can simply opt for exposed beams. They always add charm to a room and they can be a great accent detail, whether they match the décor or contrast with the design. As for stone, well you could have a beautiful stone fireplace in the living room and that will surely make it feel warm, cozy, inviting and very pleasant to be in.



Source: homedit

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