Design considerations and limitations

With Ecotek you have the flexibility to build any style, be it modern, traditional, contemporary or classical, there is no restriction to what can be achieved.

In addition to the design and style of the house our architects will work with you to help you determine you practical needs and the needs of your family.

As the cost of the project and meeting your final budget is very inmportant to us we will ensure that the project is both successful architecturally as well as financially.

village design house with large stone wall and climbing plants

The Kingspan TEK Building System leaves ample scope for individual design. The panels are cut in our manufacturing plant according to individual construction plans. The complete building is delivered to site in kit-form ready for erection.

The System is used to create the walls (loadbearing and non-loadbearing), roof and floors of a complete building or elements of it can be used individually with other non-TEK components. Flat roofs, roof terraces and balconies are also not a problem.

Generally, buildings have their entire external skin, including the roof as a structural envelope as opposed to a frame structure. This gives us increased rigity and controlled flexibility, factors that are extremely important with earthquake resistant design.

Innovative structural solutions have enabled us to create large spans across rooms without intermediate columns, freeing the architect to create more flowing internal spaces.